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Reasons to Study Ebola: Pragmatic Justification

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is one of the most dangerous diseases in the modern world. The most recent outbreak have taken place in West Africa last year, having spread to three countries of the region and occasionally being identified in North America and Europe (Peterson, n.p.). However, the necessity of Ebola research and treatment is often neglected and underestimated by certain people, especially those residing in developed countries. They consider that Ebola is a disease which will has no account to them. The pharmaceutical companies also show little interest in developing treatment of such disease, as it doesn’t provide commercial benefits, and is too risky - thus they normally focus on the market of wealthy users (Degeling, n.p.). In this essay, I would not focus on the ethical aspects of Ebola research. Instead, it would present two very pragmatic reasons to justify the study of this deadly disease – the strong connectivity among the people of the world and potential security risks in terms of bacteriological weapon.

The first reason which should alert the careless minds is the globalization, which have turned a world into a small room. The rapid travels and substantial connections among the various regions attribute to the spread of epidemic, as any person with the disease could reach intact regions within 48 hours. It makes Ebola not a neglected tropical disease, but an emerging infection (Peterson, n.p.). Not only every person who travels frequently is in danger, but even those who don’t, as they could come in contact with the virus bearer in a public place.

Speaking about the second reason, it is of the same importance. Ebola represents a perfect example for fanatic terrorist groups, which are focused on destruction and frightening. The bacteriological weapon, being covert, rapidly spreading and unpredictable, poses threat to all the citizens of the world, as international terrorism doesn’t know the territorial boundaries, and doesn’t acknowledge the moral limits. Biodefense could become a catalyst in Ebola prevention and research. The recent studies show that upon some conditions this deadly virus could be airborne, which exponentially raises its hazard (Strauss, n.d.). The Bio-shield developed by the US Government is one of the programs which could potentially benefit to the research of this disease. The global health is the issue to be securitized, as the malignant intentions of terrorism make Global North the same territory of risk as the Global South (Degeling, n.p.).

To sum it up, the study of Ebola is important not only in ethical terms of life saving and preventing suffering – it would provide the developed countries with the shield towards potential attacks, and towards occasional emergence through the communication channels. Considering the rapid spread of this virus, inventing the vaccination upon such necessity arises would cause numerous deaths and endanger the existence of the whole civilization.

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