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A song about California

There are countless songs about California. Sometimes appears the thought that in the world there are only two themes for songs: love and California. And of course there is a rule - if your song is popular in California, it will be popular in any city of the world.I want to draw attention to the impact of California on the whole world. It's about the song “Californication” of the musical group “Red Hot Chili Peppers”.

This wonderful song that gave a second life to «Red Hot Chili Peppers», the world heard in 1999. It is symbolic that this song Anthony Kiedis wrote while he was on journey far away from California. He later recalled:"I was thinking about home and was amazed of how far the rest of the world is saturated with everything that originated and developed in California ... I love this place - good, bad, and ugly - and just wrote a poem about it."The title of this song, collected from two words «California» and «fornication» which say about the meaning and the basic idea of the song - the whole world emulate California, including both good and bad things.

As a half-century ago, people from around the world intoxicated by gold rush went to California. So now people from around the world are also hocused with another "gold" fever - California.The world imitates movie stars and music stars. Their dream is to wear the very same T-shirt, cap, jeans, dress, jacket - any similar thing once seen on the star. Every beginning actor, musician, director, screenwriter arrives in California to work on few low-paying jobs and have the opportunity to be closer to Hollywood. “Space may be the final frontier, But it's made in a Hollywood basement.”- sings Anthony Kiedis.The whole world thinks of California as a paradise with perennial sunshine, palm trees and ocean beaches, with playing volleyball beautiful boys and girls, and the place where the American dream can come true.But there is also a dark side of California that would emphasize “Red Hot Chili Peppers”. It is a moral decay of modern society. Who if not Anthony Kiedis, which at 11 years age moved to his father actor to Hollywood, knows a lot about this?

The author of the song says that in his decline he blames California that promotes all sorts of excesses and vices: the craving for fame, pornography, plastic surgery, consumer attitude toward life and the superficial culture. In short, the question is that the whole world becomes artificial and false, like California.

Though of course, slow and calm rhythm of the song, bright guitar solo distract from the awareness of the dark side of California. And along with this song I would like to ride a cabriolet on the mountain road, enjoying the endless ocean and incredible landscapes of California.“And if you want these kind of dreams - It's …

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