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Activity System

The university teaching is the activity system that is of importance to me. The activity system involves a rigorous scenarios where there is the teaching of knowledge in various disciplines, the conduct of research as well in various sectors takes place in the university. It is important to focus on an activity system like the University activity because if a university is present in a certain community, then benefits are bound to be accrued.

Consequently, illiteracy level in the area will be dealt with through teachings in the university and also community problems will be solved in an easy manner.When we use the activity triangle, we can identify a few parts of the activity system. The parts ar as follows: The tools that we use to accomplish the activity involves a language. Various people from all walks of life and nations are usually brought together by the University through learning. Therefore, a common language that is English is the main tool we use to teach the students. The subject of the activity system is students and lecturers. Students, in this case, are the members who are thirsty for knowledge, and the lecturers are the persons who deliver the knowledge content to the students.The motives or purposes of the activity are to improve the literacy level of the students from different nations. They will thus be knowledgeable, and this is a short-term purpose. The resulting long-term output is to empower the students to be able to solve problems in the society. There are numerous rules that help in the governing of the university.

For example, it is a rule for all lecturers to attend their classes and deliver the knowledge. On the other hand, for the students to graduate in the later years, they have to do all the necessary examinations in their respective units.Data AnalysisIn the activity system that I chose which is the University teaching activity, we find out that there are a number of people who are involved in the activity system. The government is one party that has a stake in the activity. Moreover, the University Council Board and the University Senate are given the task to make rules in the university. The rules aid in the smooth operation of the University. The division of labor takes place in the event where lecturers and professors only teach subjects that they understand and have been trained since undergraduate.The genres of communication that are present in the University teaching is the guided by a mission and a vision statement. The two are an important aspect that help in the achieving of the university goals and objectives. There is the achievement of some goals in the university teaching activity. One of the goals is the delivery of knowledge to the students while another goal is the conduct of research in various fields.

The outcome we expect is that the subjects will have a higher literacy level and also become critical thinkers …

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