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Advance nursing practices. Discussion Post

Advance nursing practices is an important aspect of healthcare practices because it concentrates on the improvement of healthcare delivery through the training and education of nursing practitioners. The need for advanced nursing practices is evident globally, as such, it is necessary to address the issues that might jeopardize the promotion and consistency of advanced nursing practices.

Evolution and History Registered nursing practices, formed the basis for a modern nursing profession. Later on, specialist nursing professionals emerged from registered nurses, which now represent the foundation for advanced nursing practices (Barton et al., 2012). Specialist nurses developed as a result of a pressure for increased education and training of nursing professionals facilitated by stakeholders in the nursing industry such as Mrs. Bedford Fenwick during the early twentieth and late nineteenth centuries. Once the pressure for advanced education and training for nursing professionals paid off, a number of specialists nursing professionals soared during 1930 to 1940 (Barton et al., 2012).

By 1965, more competency and role expectations were added to the compliance of a professional specialist nurse in the United States. One of which is the primary healthcare pediatric role. In the UK, the extension of Nursing roles, competencies and the establishment of a formal compliance framework and the Royal College of Nursing took place in the year 2008 (Barton et al., 2012). The knowledge and skills framework played a vital role in the evolving process of advanced nurse practices in the UK. However, a career structure and work process for nursing practitioners to part-take in healthcare roles had been unofficially established in order to advance the level of nursing practices.

By the early 2000s, advanced learning, and improved nursing practice abilities had proved that advanced nursing practitioners could handle diverse healthcare roles and competencies (Barton et al., 2012).Issues Affecting Advanced Nursing PracticesAccording to (Kleinpell et al., 2014), the global issues affecting Advanced Nursing Practices include, but might not be limited to the following:
Insufficiency of nursing education programs;
Limited accessibility of education programs;
Making Medical models a sole focus in practice;
Disrespectful attitude towards nursing as a practice and profession;
The dominance of medicine as a profession;
Professional credential related issues (Kleinpell et al., 2014).

Other issues/challenges facing advanced nursing practices include laws, policies and cultural barriers that hinder the administration of health care services by qualified advanced practice registered nurses. Questions arising from the series of issues facing advanced nursing practice vary from country to country. Some of such global questions include, whether registered nurses are eligible to act as primary health care providers, exercise a signed mandate for long-term health care services, and take up the responsibility for admitting patients (Kleinpell et al., 2014). Another noted key issue is the lack of a definite decision on whether registered nurses should be recognized by health insurance providers and reimbursed directly for the services they provide (Kleinpell et al., 2014).

Comparison of ANP in the U.S. and other Countries.

The …

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