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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technological Advance

Technologies are almost in every sphere of the modern world, the world, where everything is accessible and convenient. Emergence of state-of-the-art communication technologies allow to accumulate, spread and share the information almost in no time and, as rule – for free. The Internet along with different latest gadgets, personal computers, smart phones etc. enhance working process, make student life easier and at times – brighter.

Technologies accompany us at home, at school, at a workplace and even during our vacation, when we sit back in a luxurious seat of the ultramodern plane heading to some fancy sea-side resort. However, should we consider technological advance and all scientific discoveries as purely positive phenomena? To my mind, technologies have become an indispensable part of our lives.

Technological advances in various spheres greatly flatter our day to day life. In order to prove this idea, we should take a closer look at advantages of technological advance, those good things it has brought to our world. To start with, technologies enhance discoveries in different fields: education, sciences, farming, politics, medicine etc. As a result scientific know-how point at more efficient ways to do different types of work and reveal easier methods for achieving success in this or that sphere.

For instance, if medical discoveries and technologies can save somebody’s life – they can automatically be considered as positive. From the article by CNN reporter we find out how 3-D-printer has changed the life of the girl, who was suffering from malformation in her aortha. Owing to the invention of a 3-D-printer, which can produce the exact replicas of human organs, Mia Gonzalez was no longer ‘inoperable’. The surgeon who treated the girl, was thinking over the operation and was practicing on the artificial copy of the girl’s heart. The doctor stated that "Without the model, I would have been less certain about (operating on Mia) and that would have led me naturally to make a larger incision, that could possibly cause more pain and a longer recovery time" (Storrs, n.p.). As we may conclude, this is exactly the case when technologies were beneficial to the health of the patient and indeed saved the girl’s life. Education is also a field where technologies play a significant role.

For example, personal computers, tablets, multimedia and e-books are improving the teaching skills of teachers and add to the personal success of students. Technologies encourage independent learning since modern students can easily find the necessary information on the Internet on their own. Besides this, technologies provide us with easier access to information. Nowadays there is no need in carrying heavy books as students can simply use their e-books. Thus, it is evidently that in the sphere of education technologies promote independency among students and high level of professionalism among teachers. In addition to that, technologies are improving various processes and show new approaches to the accomplishment of old tasks. For instance, nowadays we can have any written text …

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