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Agents of Breast Cancer, Treatment and Prevention

According to Zhao, Yang, Haslam and Schwartz (2014), breast cancer (BC) is a disease that has existed for a very long time. The disease is of heterogeneous nature. The disease causes death in women and is it the second leading disease. There are different types of therapies that can be used on patients. There are four categories into which cancer can be classified into. Different medical practitioners are working together so as to provide treatment to breast cancer. There exists four types of agents that can be used for treating BC. Chemotherapy agents consist of drugs that prevent cancerous cells from multiplying and increasing in growth. Hormonal therapy agents prevents active hormones from being produced. Bisphosphonate agents are used in treating cancer that has spread to bones. Targeted biological agents inhibit some body mechanisms so that cancerous cells cannot multiply.

Breast cancer can be prevented or treated at early stages. Agents can be placed in the body so that spread of cancerous cells is inhibited. Drugs that control hormones when taken properly can regulate hormone production. Hence hormones that may accelerate spread of BC may be inhibited. Women continue to struggle with BC although a lot of progress has been made concerning treatment and diagnosis. New agents of BC when developed can have a positive impact on therapy that can be applied in BC treatment. A lot of research on cell biology is still in progress. The aim of these researches is to prevent or treat the disease that causes the deaths of many women. To manage breast cancer, different medical teams are required to work together. Biology and life sciences course deals with study of life. In the course, the topics discussed include among others cells and cell biology, cell membranes, cell division, genes, genome, evolution, development, pathogens, bacteria, animal hormones and reproduction in animals. Breast cancer spreads through cell division. Cancerous cells spread the disease through multiplication.

Therefore, the article relates to the course since it uses some of the concepts found in the book. Biological concepts in the course that are related to cancer article include disease, genetics, therapy, hormones, chemotherapy, agents, cell division, diagnosis, molecules, development and disease prevention. These concepts are used to explain how cancer spreads and it can be prevented.Background information is provided in the course to help in understanding the concept of breast cancer and issues surrounding it. The topic of animal hormones (Sadava, Hillis, Heller & Berenbaum, 2014) gives information on how the hormones work in the human body. Cell, cell membranes and cell division is elaborated in the course book. A foundation is laid for one to understand how cancerous cells multiply and spread in the body. The article is relevant as it discusses a major disease that causes deaths among many women. When one reads the article, he or she is educated on cancer and how it can be prevented.Issues that are of importance …

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