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Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse differs from alcoholism to a large extent. Whereas alcoholism is the dependence on alcohol by a drinker so as to function, alcohol abuse is where one takes alcohol and is accompanied by situations like failing to meet daily responsibilities of family and self, school and work; legal problems and recklessness like driving when drunk (Watkins, 2012). Mr. Wilko abuses alcohol. However, his continued alcohol intake is likely to lead to alcoholism. He began by taking a beer at lunchtime, few drinks after dinner. However, he has gradually increased his alcohol intake to several beers after lunch and continuous drinking after dinner. Mr. Wilko is not a social drinker.

Unlike problem drinkers, social drinkers do not let their selves get drunk from alcohol; they do not drink uncontrollably and do not go to work while drunk. Social drinkers take alcohol to relax and let out some stress. However, Mr. Wilko’s drinking interferes with his job. Furthermore, his drinking has resulted in him getting fired. Mr. Wilko is not likely to stop drinking anytime soon. That is because he has grown from taking less to taking a lot to get drunk. Additionally, his drinking has resulted in him losing his job. The drink but he cannot stop at any time since he has increased his alcohol intakes from a beer at lunch to several beers at lunch and continued drinking after dinner. Additionally, not finding a job to support his family will cause him to continue drinking in the name of relieving the stress (Watkins, 2012).

Stressors are factors that cause one to get stressed, hence driving them into drinking. The stressors present in Mr. Wilko’s case include the economic downturn in the housing industry, which has reduced the need for new home appliances, constant arguing with the wife on finances, children’s increased demand for money, low income and sales record, and dismissal from work. The major reasons for Mr. Wilko’s continued alcohol intakes are pressure from the workplace, and family demands. There is pressure at work that he should meet the targets in sales record. At home, the family; wife and children, are all depending on him for everything. Moreover, the loss of his job and not being able to find one has resulted in him taking alcohol uncontrollably. Alcohol intake is very harmful to the body, especially the internal organs that are charged with digestion. One of the organs that are affected severely is the liver. Continued and unregulated alcohol intake is likely to lead to liver disease like cirrhosis where the liver burns and malfunctions (Watkins, 2012).

Gastrointestinal track (CIT) includes all the organs that serve the function of transporting food in addition to digesting, absorbing, and getting rid of waste. Stress triggers one to release some acids that aids in digesting food in the stomach. Conversely, excessive alcohol intake causes the sphincter of the stomach to relax, which causes the acid to leak to the esophagus from the stomach. That results …

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