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Amazon's Impact

The Amazon is the largest bookseller in the country, selling books, DVDs, and music, offering additional services both for clients (as cloud storage), and authors (as Kindle or CreateSpace publishing platforms). Today, it sets standards for any other publisher or bookseller, and one of the main achievements of the company is that Amazon put e-books prior to the paper ones. Amazon is famous with incredible wide assortment not only of books, but music, DVDs, audiobooks, toys, video-games, and software; it's also the leader of selling used and out-of-print books. This tactic of comprehensive offer showed its effectiveness and was implemented by other bookstores. The next lesson the Amazon demonstrated to the world was Kindle service established 2007: the company offered users e-readers with the store designed for that particular device. It makes books immediately available for customers in many countries.

Since 2011 users buy more e-books than paper copies ( This innovation affected the whole industry, and now e-readers producers often create Kindle-store analogues (for instance, Obreey Store is designed for Pocketbook e-readers). Among making books more available for people in remote regions, and, perhaps, saving nature resources and trees for printing paper books, Amazon positively impacted writers, especially aspiring authors. Kindle and CreateSpace allow any person to publish and promote a book. It's became easy to enter the business and gave rise to the phenomenon of so-called Indie (independent) writers. But, it also has a negative side: low-quality books without proper editing appear in the stores. It's also hard to say whether probable future death of print books is negative or positive. E-books advantage in availability, when paper books are connected with visual arts of décor and typography.

On the other hands, e-books give an opportunity of including media-resources, such as music and animation into the book appearance. The kind of monopolization of the market with Amazon is also affect other bookstores development. The time will show if it give us new ideas from creative start-ups or the stagnation of the industry, but it is no exaggeration to say that the publish world will never return to the 'pre-Amazon era'.

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