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The American Government

The foreign and domestic policies have taken center stage in American politics and are pressing the administration from all angles. Currently, the “civilian nuclear agreement” policy is the most important of all since it involves several nations and affects American citizens too. Nuclear energy regulation and monitoring has been a challenge for the entire world for ages. Therefore, the policy is hard pressing, given that a viable solution is yet to be achieved.

The United States is undergoing numerous unresolved domestic and foreign policies presently, which makes Obama’s administration pass through a hard reign. The Americans expect that the decisions made in containing the policy be wise enough not to put the country in jeopardy. Undoubtedly, the Republicans on are unhappy on the way the administration is conducting the drive to ink nuclear deals that are new to the civilians with a number of countries. After the Bush Administration deal termed “123 agreements” with the Abu Dhabi government, the Obama administration lauded plutonium and uranium enrichment reprocessing prohibitions in the gold standard deal for future agreements (U.S GOP, 2014). The government of UAE sacrificed enrichment for the deal. Besides, the White House has a challenge of making Jordan and Vietnam to agree to some restrictions and Republicans on Capitol Hill have an assurance to hold such shortcomings like enhancing nuclear proliferation risk (Nikitin, Vaughn, & Library of Congress, 2010). In addition, the Russian “123 agreement” is set to be implemented in case the American Congress does not make a move to stop it. Cable sources believe that there is little interest in the GOP at the level of leadership to thwart the deal by Russia at that stage. However, the incoming House Foreign Affairs Chair of the Committee, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen got infuriated when the Obama administration failed to bother sending someone to the committee hearing on the Russia deal, in September 2008, and is likely to carry out a thorough and rather investigative hearing for any future pacts. The chair could also lead an effort of amending the Atomic energy act in giving Congress enhanced oversight of nuclear agreements on the international scene (Einhorn & CSIS, 2008).The UN Security should link with the US and involve Russia and other nuclear producing countries to set up a pact that will have rules concerning nuclear energy. Prohibitions and restrictions must be streamlined and imposed on those countries that seem to flout the foreign policy and international rules. Furthermore, the UN Security can urge Russia to abort its stand about nuclear energy production and consider other means of energy production for the safety of the world as a whole.

Even though the “civilian nuclear agreement” policy is of great interest to the US government, solutions should be sought in a multi-faceted manner. The US must take time to monitor closely and get involved in all the relevant hearings concerning the civilian nuclear policy agreement. This way, the government will relieve the …

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