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American Government

1. Political socialization is defined as a process of developing political worldview through contact between the different generations that is perceived as the tool of transmission of political values and appropriate forms of political behavior in terms of current political system. Political socialization depends on the following factors: family, school, and environment, affiliation to a certain social and economic class, religion, media and personal experience of the every single person being politically socialized. Family and environment have an indirect influence on political socialization by showing the personal example of behavior. At school children acquire and develop the political culture in the civic society. Currently, media grow in their ability to shape the political mind and views of the whole generation as well as can the key historical events.

2. Political culture has further been referred to as the beliefs, habits, behavioral patterns, values and overall distinguishing attributes that make up and characterize a political community. Political culture is the term used to describe the attitude, ideas and feelings of people towards politics as well as towards their role in the certain political system. Political culture is vital and inalienable part of every political community. Political socialization influences political culture in a way it contributes to the development of one’s political identity, values, beliefs and behavioral patterns. Political socialization enabling the individual take on the political personality and, as a result, accept and define its place in the whole political system. Almond and Verba (1963, 57) believed that political socialization is used to help people maintain, understand and enter a political culture.

3. Public opinion polling is often being criticized for the lack of accuracy and back quality. One of the reasons for the inaccuracy of the public opinion polling lies in the distortions and improper phrasing. Moreover, the results of the findings can also be biased interpreted and exaggerated. Also, the polling results might be inaccurate due to the sampling error or the effects of the leading option. The sampling error lies in the probability that the opinion of some groups of a population was not taken into account. The criticism towards the public opinion polling can be overcome through the extension of the sample that would encompass the opinion of the representatives of each social group. It is also worth suggesting changing the very approach to polling itself. Thus, if the polling lacks accuracy due to improper phrasing or the leading option effect, the multimodal surveys should be carried out as they can provide multi-method reliable evaluation and better explore public opinion.

4. The distinctive features of the new media are its speed, inclusiveness, and accessibility. These features enable the new media to influence political campaigns, citizens, and political participation. Due to the sense of the digital intimacy created by new media candidates can easily facilitate their relationships with the voters and establish the direct dialog with citizens. It contributes to the …

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