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American Political System. Discussion Post

American bipartisan system is one of the strongest in the world. The Republicans and The Democrats control over almost the entire political space in the United States. There are no representatives from the third parties in the US Congress as well as there are no independent governors among all of the fifty states, that is why American political system is considered to be highly consolidated. (Reichley, 348)

There are few reasons for the absence of the third major party in the USA. First of all, the type of the partial model is defined by the kind of the electoral system in the country. In case of proportional representation, the parliament consists of the numerous parties and there is a high probability of the coalition formation. The plurality voting system results in two major political powers and a single-party state. Elections in the United States are based on the second type of electoral system. The governors are at the head of each state which excludes the regional activity outside the two main parties. That is explained by the US political model features and its high level of federalism.The rules of party-registration are in the competence of each state which is bad for the new party as it must be registered in every state separately. That is expensive, legally complicated and takes a lot of time. Also, the parties have to re-register every two or four years for the right to participate in the elections. They have no access to the primaries and are able to elect the candidate form their party only on the political convention, which results in the lack of the mass media attention and absence of the popularity among people. US bipartisan system is not just an incident, it is the result made by the people who are interested in dominating the political space of the America, and having just two major parties make it much easier.

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