Analysis of a “Casino Royale” (2006) Title Sequence essay sample

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Casino Royale Title Sequence

For the project of analyzing a title sequence from the James Bond series, I have chosen a film called “Casino Royale” (2006), the Martin Campbell film with the Daniel Craig as 007. Being one of the James Bond series, it corresponds to the appropriate structure of the series, namely the introduction, the title sequence and the film itself.

The title sequence is one of the means of presenting a film, usually interpreting it through the use of the images, symbols and theme music as well as other elements and generally includes opening credits and a title. This part is considered as it establishes the setting, the atmosphere and the tone of a film or a program, therefore, making the first impression.

The first few seconds of an opening title sequence became a recognizable and iconic part of the James Bond series. A symbol of luck and high performance of 007, the gun barrel is used almost in every single James Bond movie. Therefore it indicates that a good movie full of action, guns, cars, and women is about to start. Shot from the point of view of a presumed assassin, this first moment features the agent 007 turning and shooting directly at the camera, causing blood to run down the screen.

The next moment, The Casino Royale title sequence appears on the screen, taking all the attention of the audience. The blood in the barrel of gun covers the screen, making a bright background for the coming card suit elements and then fading to the dark tones. The imitation of the game cards’ elements, the graphics are well drawn and are animated, therefore the colors correspond to the Casino’s table games. Not only the detailed animation holds the eye, the depth-of-field is also used to show the scale of the elements. Particularly it can be seen the next moment, where 007 is sitting on one of the ornaments and holding the gun.

Next, the picture shows a magazine of the gun being filled with spades and then the agent making gunshots. One of the bullets shot hits the target, making the body fall into pieces of small hearts, synchronizing it with the theme music small pause before the chorus of the song begins.

The next thing shown is two men, the black one – 007, and the red – the assassin, knife fighting in the centre of a box, the walls of which are the back of the cards. The following fights are also won by the agent. The long curved ornament lines are in this case veins as it is shown in the next picture the one of it breaks, followed by bleeding with the hearts and then more of those “veins” are shown, accompanied by the lyrics of the theme song, which are “The coldest blood runs through my veins // You know my name”.

Moreover, the other cool animation …

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