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Animal Cruelty

Cruelty to animals is a very topical question. Since the beginning of times, human being was the highest creature in the food chain. The main feature of humans, which distinguishes them from other species, is their want to abuse and dominate those, who are weaker.

Despite the fact, that people are considered the most intelligent species of all kinds, they abused almost all species of animals in various degrees. However, when it comes to statistics of violence towards animals, humanity feels ashamed.

This manifestation of cruelty and anger cannot remain unpunished, as rage generates even more rage. No one can be sure that the person, who harms animals, will not harm his kind. That is why animal abuse should be criminalized and fully removed from a modern and healthy society.However, the criminalization of animal abuse is not a universal solution. The violent actions against living things is a result of certain changes that occur in society. In my opinion, it is necessary to study these changes before making final decisions about the criminalization process. Sometimes the cases of animal abuse are the results of cruelty towards the abuser (Borade). It is wrong to consider these people criminals, as they are mentally ill. It is necessary to treat them correspondingly and treat them in special facilities.

These people are victims of cruelty and should not be targeted by severe punishment. Strict judgment will not remove anger from their hearts. It will increase it. That is why the path of criminalization should be studied from different points of view in order to become relevant.I find it crucial to stop the abuse of animals. We live in a civilized society where everyone knows his basic human rights. Everyone has the right to live and let others live too. We have no right to torture the weaker creatures that inhabit the planet Earth. Animals also feel the pain and suffer from the injuries. They do not need our sympathy. They need us to act and to stop the cruel treatment of animals.

Every act of violence should be punished accordingly. It is necessary to report to authorities if someone is noticed beating or hurting these helpless creatures. It is understood that charity begins with good intentions. People have to start from themselves. If you have pets at home, you should teach your children to love and respect them. Never hit, push or punish animals in front of children, as they may learn it and take it as common occurrence. These actions indirectly show the children that hitting the domestic animals is a normal order of things. Schoolteachers and parents must teach and spread the respect towards wild and domestic animals as well as to discuss the issues and instances of cruel handling. Moreover, it is reported that domestic animals are regularly used for revenge. The emotional and spiritual bond between the master and his pet is used to inflict the harm to the human victim (Upadhya).

The abuser may harm the pet in order to gain …

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