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Anne Bradstreet as a Writer of Emotion

Anne Bradstreet, a well-educated Puritan woman in the 1600’s, succeeding at expressing her beliefs and against all odds became one of the first prominent female American poets. Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672) was born in England, Northampton. Her father, Thomas Dudley, Duke of Puritan Financial Secretary Lincoln, provided careful upbringing and excellent education for his daughter at home: for six years, she read the Scriptures, and later gained access to the ducal library. Bradstreet faced many obstacles by stepping outside her appropriate sphere even referring in her writing that she knew poetry by woman might not be accepted. This understanding did not deter her ability to write beautifully and express her feelings about the prejudice against woman in her community. Her writing delivers a feeling of confidence in the validity of her personal experience, abilities, and accomplishments as a woman. Although her stories were written centuries ago, Bradstreet conveys a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, helping the reader connect to her aged thoughts.

To be considered a writer of emotion, one must employ the senses and write about concrete thoughts, actively done by Bradstreet as she described the love she had for her family and her religious beliefs.All this time (until her death) Anne Bradstreet never stopped writing poetry and prose. How and when it was possible to do, even though purely "technical", remained a mystery. She talked about poetry as about the place of her privacy. Anne esteemed for what has been esteemed in our later artistic past: emotional world, closeness of location, inner voice seeking. The book of her poems, published without her knowledge in 1650 in London by her half-brother (under the pretentious title "The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America, by a Gentlewoman of those Parts"), caused a furor in both parts of England - new and old. "Academic" poetry of Bradstreet was included in this volume, the author found a good orientation in the philosophical systems, inquisitive intelligence and fluency techniques of versification.

She is perceived today as a skillful imitation of the English poet-contemporaries.A. Bradstreet wrote the main part of her poetry written for herself and close people, was published in 1678, 6 years after the poet's death. Ironically, the "home" poetry "Tenth muse", more precisely, her intimate psychological lyrics that A. Bradstreet did not attach much importance, did not grind, and was left poured from the pen, now is considered to be an undoubted achievement of the poetess and her contribution to the development of American literature. These are written in her simple organic style poems "in case" of the expectations of the child, the birth or death of grandchildren, the next departure of her husband, fire houses, and so on. It is also depicted in her observations over nature, human life and character, God over the entire world. It is not just her perceptions that Anne Bradstreet offers us, yet she really gives her emotions a chance to take structure in her prose. This …

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