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How is globalization affecting nowadays economy?

1.Yue, J. (2012). What does globalization mean for China’s Economic Development? Global Policy. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Aug. 2015].

An article challenges the dominant view on the impact of globalization towards China via stating that it has provided a double effect. The author admits the growing Chinese GDP, however notes that locking Chinese companies at the low-end of value chain could potentially have malignant influence. A critical approach is provided to the Chinese indigenous innovation, claiming that it is far from being successful, and institutional failures in economy prevent China from proper intensive development.This article poses interest in terms of giving an alternative view towards globalization and its impact towards developing countries. Its major idea is that Chinese model of participation in globalization process is not a panacea for other countries. It is emphasized that political and legislative changes have to accompany economic processes in order to guarantee their efficiency. A weak point of the article may be the failure to provide a comparison with another developing countries and their models of participation in globalization, yet it was not an original task of the author.

2. Jansen, R., Loranger, A., Da Pont, M., Kroese, B., Lemmers, O. and Hoekstra, R. (2014). Measuring International Trade and Economic Globalization. In: IARIW 33rd General Conference. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Aug. 2015].

The report provides a view of economic researchers towards the official trade statistics and impact of globalization on it. It reflects on the globalization of business practices and the impact of globalization in the national accounts. The authors provide a framework for measuring the international trade in the conditions of globalization. The authors also set questions for the further research, such as how to coherently bring together harmonization of international trade in the globalized world. The authors note that in measuring the trade micro data are extremely important to adjust the macro-indicators.This report is important in terms of providing recommendations and insights to analyze the impact of globalization for trade measuring. It is a valuable asset for those who have to deal with micro and macro economic indicators and experience difficulties with measuring the true nature of trade relations. It might be helpful for methodological and practical usage, although the results would be stronger upon more empirical confirmation.

3. Akram Ch., M., Asim Faheem, M., Khyzer Bin Dost, M. and Abdullah, I. (2011). Globalization and its Impacts on the World Economic Development. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2(23), pp.291-297.

This article presents views of several Pakistani scholars on the impacts of globalization on the world economic development. The authors focus on the influence of globalization towards the rapidly growing industries. The authors write in a narrative and simple style, and provide a view on the globalization in the nutshell, along with its influence on the world economic development and different aspects of investment changes.The strong point of the article is that it provides understanding of …

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