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Jan, J., (2014) Yan: The unfair economics of university textbooks. Ottawa Citizen. Retrieved from article focuses on the problem of the sky-rocketing increase in prices for university books over the past three decades in Canada. It analyzes the reasons for the elevated prices the publishers charge for “mainstream” textbooks and the unrelenting surge in these prices. The fundamental reason for such a tendency is defined in the text as misaligned economic incentives. The main idea is that, since the students are told to buy specific textbooks by their professors, the publishers feel free to continue raise prices for these books. There is also a thorough review of the options for students who cannot afford to purchase the requisite textbooks. An experienced journalist, James Jan is quite familiar with the situation at Canadian universities. Being a former Ottawa resident, he studies economics at University College London. Thus, a thorough and detailed overview of the problem with constant growth in prices for university textbooks is presented from the inside of educational system. The students’ perspective on the issue is taken into consideration.Carson, J., (2010). Why textbooks are so expensive. Retrieved from elevated price of university textbooks is analyzed as a constant source of frustration for students. The article focuses on specific regulations in Canadian publishing industry that protect exclusive distribution rights but tend to ignore the customers’ interests. The problem underlined in the text is that Canadian distributors charge much more than the prescribed percentage and that this issue has not been addressed to for several years. Unfair importation laws are to blame for the artificial raise of textbook prices. The article presumes, that since Canadian Alliance of Student Associations started to raise this question at the meeting with Members of Parliament and ask for support, the things are going to change, but this will take time and a lot of efforts.Being published in a highly reliable Canadian journal, the article gives a thorough and detailed overview of the issue, providing a number of relevant book publishing and book import regulations. Since the problem of overpriced textbooks is discussed from the legislative perspective, a range of possible ways to deal with it are offered. Bascaramurty, D., (2011). How to cut the cost of textbooks. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved from article focuses on the issue of overpriced university textbooks in Canada. A range of possible ways how students can cut the costs of their textbooks are analyzed from different perspectives. The most common options listed in the text are used bookstores, online sources, book rent, reselling used books to other students, as well as buying the requisite textbooks abroad. Such accompanying complications as illegal trade of course materials and inability of students to resell their books because of the professors’ demand to buy the latest editions are discussed in the context the overall issue.Published in an authoritative Canadian source, the article searches for the root of the issue and looks at it from different angles. It offers possible solutions to …
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