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Annotated Bibliography on the Social Media

1) Correa, Teresa, Amber Willard Hinsley, and Homero Gil De Zuniga. "Who interacts on the Web?: The intersection of users’ personality and social media use." Computers in Human Behavior 26.2 (2010): 247-253.

The aim of the study is to investigate the relation between social media use and Big-five model of the dimensions of personality. In the theoretical review, an explanation of personality as a predictor of Internet and social media use is given. Subsequently, a methodological part is presented, which describes the sampling and method used. The authors consider that extraversion as a character framework is positively associated with social media use. Also, a significant positive relation exists between the desire of new experience and resort to social media, and that active participating in such activities generate success in social sphere.The importance of the present article for my essay is in presenting the explanation of people’s interaction in social media from the point of personality traits. It provides an explanation that the phenomenon in study is actively used by extraverted people, which adds to my point that social media doesn’t harm in-person communication.

2) Ellison, N. B., & Boyd, D. (2013). Sociality through social network sites (pp. 151-172). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The present chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies is reflecting on the issue of social media development and interaction with technological progress and other parts of the context. It is noted that technological process and social media are reinforcing each other. The chapter presents reflections on the public and private in social media, origin and evolution of these sites, and the issues of privacy.The source is relevant for my research, since it provides explanation of how the users could protect their privacy, and stresses such an important attribute of social media as assisting technological progress, thus supporting my position about positive impact of these media.

3) Gil de Zúñiga, Homero, Nakwon Jung, and Sebastián Valenzuela. "Social media use for news and individuals' social capital, civic engagement and political participation." Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication 17.3 (2012): 319-336.

An article analyzes the use of social media for development of social capital, political participation and civic engagement. It provides theoretical explanation of these concepts along with the motivation for the use of social media with that purposes. Subsequently, the authors conduct a quantitative research in the field of prediction of online and offline participation and some other variables, and come to the conclusion that political discourse in social networks is a significant predictor of their participatory behavior.This article is adding to my point that social media provide tangible benefits for various spheres of life, including for instance political communication, development of network society and higher responsibility. It explains the important role of social media in the broader context.

4) Hay, Deltina. The Social Media Survival Guide: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the Social Web. Linden Publishing, 2011.

The book provides is generally a guide to the proper use of social media. It is presented that social media …

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