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Antisocial Personality Disorders

Autism as an antisocial psychological disorder and its reflection in films Day after day the problem of ASD is becoming one of the most wide-spread psychological pathologies in the world. The scientists and doctors firstly mentioned about autism in 1940’s, but at that time the cases of ASD were much more rare. Nowadays, it is estimated that one in 100 children suffer from autism, and, furthermore, the percentage of children who find it difficult to control emotions and deal with society is also raising. The topic of autism as a type of antisocial personality disorder touched me a lot therefore I would like to present how ASD is reflected in the films “Rain Man” and “Temple Grandin”, where autism is perceived not as a verdict of fate but as a chance to think differently and see more than others.

As far as we know, autism is a heterogeneous neurodevelopmental disorder pathological etiology of which has not been found yet. Since autism refers to heritable mental illnesses, the main factors which cause it are environmental and genetic. Usually ASD stems from childhood and it is characterised as “week central coherence”. Children with autism face the disturbances which come out in disrupted verbal and non-verbal communication, atypical behavior in the society, mental retardation and repetitive behaviors. Also autistic people tend to show no emotions and no particular interests in everything that surrounds them. For instance, when autistic children play on the playground, they do not contact with other children and choose the same sequence of actions every day.

Studies showed that autistic children in most cases react on their mother’s face as on the face of a stranger, and this really devastates the mothers. ASD can be divided into low-functioning autism (IQ below 70), high-functioning autism (IQ higher 70) and Asperger syndrome which is closer to high-functioning autism but without speech disorder. The fact that all the people with ASD must overcome almost insurmountable hurdles while communicating with people is untrue. These “different” individuals can keep in touch with the society but in a way which is considered to be odd from the social point of view. It should be kept in mind that perceptual processes in autistics people can involve both disordered and superior processes and this is the point. It happens that people with ASD often possess great unusual memory, they can be very bright individuals and demonstrate the mental skills which are not achievable for ordinary people.

Such talented people with autism are presented in the films I have chosen. Both the films “Rain Man” and “Temple Grandin” tell the story of two people with ASD, who have something in common, besides the psychological disorder – they excel from healthy people because of their habit of mind. In the “Rain man” there are two main characters – an autistic savant Raymond and his selfish brother Charlie who did not know about the existence of his ill brother until the death of their father. Raymond is very sensitive, he …

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