Are Humans Selfish or Altruistic? essay sample

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Are Humans Selfish or Altruistic?

People respond to different matters in different ways, regarding the motive behind the person in question. It can be argued that humans can act for both selfish and selfless reasons. The determinant of whether people will act in a selfish or selfless manner depends on the reaction given to situations. Apart from how people react to circumstances at hand, the perception of the people around also matter.

The nature of people that respond to wanting situations with selfish intentions will be compelled to do well in most cases to be rewarded. For instance, selfish people will offer to help an old man or woman across the street maybe to impress their companions, or because this elderly person is rich and maybe of high reputation (Douglas N). Selfish-centred people will want to save a person who is drowning maybe in the swimming pool just because the girlfriend or boyfriend is watching or because there are camera men from media recording the event.In contrast, many other people that have empathy could have lender good service to needy people out of genuine concern for them. These honest behaviors can be seen in people like Mother Teresa, who has devoted their entire life to helping the poor in our societies. Similarly, rescuers who run into burning houses to rescue lives could not be possibly doing it because of the cameras around (Douglas N).

Altruistic people act sincerely in response to the emotional stress of others while trying to better their situation, and some stress themselves at a great personal cost of integrity in being part of solutions to the problems facing the society. While the majority selfish people will do these acceptable virtues in our communities that provide relief and end pain to the victims just to earn themselves some personal benefits. Thus, about our contemporary society, human have both selfish and altruistic behaviour.

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