Are We on the Brink of World War III? essay sample

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Are We on the Brink of World War III?

Geopolitical views are concerned in terms of historical periods, planetary space, and the world's civilizations. Large-scale economic backroom games crushed empires, incited wars, overthrow and set the governments. Like thousands years ago, and in our time, big business is fighting a war for the redivision of colonies, for the conquest of new territories and resources for new profits.The world stands on the brink of a third world war. In 1938, Britain and France with their own hands pushed Hitler into war, allowing him to occupy Czechoslovakia and sanctioning Anschluss of Austria. But the attack of the brown plague could have been stopped at that time. If London and Paris were more determined, Europe could not lie in 7 years in ruins and there were not 70 million victims. “One of the problems of the United Nations Collective Security system is the unwillingness of countries to subordinate their sovereign interests to collective action”. (Ebegbulem, 136).

A new global empire - the United States, arose at the European ashes. North America received a huge financial income from both World War II and post-war reconstruction of Europe and was able to fully recover from the effects of the Great Depression.We are now in the initial phase of the global crisis, which could last for ten years, and a similar, and possibly stronger than depression has befallen the world in 20-30 years of the last century. Tectonic processes of global transformation - is World War III of a new hybrid type, waged on innocent geocentric fields. “Societies become anxious for conflict when properly prepared, but they tire of them over time, they exhaust resources, tire their fighters, create enormous burdens on the society, and wear down resolve” (Cohen, 17).“The United States has been the sole worldwide force only since 1991, less than 20 years” (Monmaney). Back in 1993, the American political scientist Samuel Huntington - the scheduler in the US National Security Council - has predicted the world "clash of civilizations" and proved the inevitability of the near future confrontation between Islam and the Western world, which is reminiscent of Soviet-American confrontation during the Cold War in 1946 - 1989. “At the same time the proliferation and evolution of international legal agreements, organizations and judicial bodies in the wake of the Cold War has provided the empirical predicate and a policy imperative for heightened attention to the role of international law” (Raustiala & Slaughter, 538).

Any war always ends in the world under the terms of the winner. The United States won the Cold War, to confirm that they minted medal "For the victory in the Cold War." That's the modern world is built on the American model. It is this model of the western world that is now protected from the onslaught of the terrorists of the world of Islam in fiery World War III.

The First World War was a war of faiths. It was won by the white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Four empires of other …

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