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Name:Tutor:Date:Discipline:Article summary Article “When social work is a felony” is written by David Nocenti for New York Daily News in 2012, January 29. The main problem discussed in the article is that licensed social workers could not be hired for social service organizations as well as professionals in other fields. The main emphasize here maid on the social workers as this situation is especially absurd for licensed professionals engaged in social work since nonprofit social service organizations are generally perceived as one of the main working places for them. That is why this article is extremely important for the social work field and sheds light on one of the most important problem that professional social workers are faced with when they are required to implementation their professional skills. The article begins with short reference to the story when one of the author’s colleagues confronted with necessity to break the law because she need to hire social worker with license to work with youth at-risk, in fact such situation would be perceived as a felony by New York State. It is also should be mentioned that the same problem exist not only in the social workers circles but also in other professions. There are over forty professions that are not allowed to practice with license in social service organizations, which are including engineers and physicians. All of these licensed professionals are allowed to practice exclusively in their professional group. In addition, there is no reasonable explanation for such situation from the Education Department. One of the most common explanations is that unlicensed bosses could have negative influence on the professional ethic of the licensed professionals which could be replaced by willingness to follow companies’ values. However, it remains unclear why this law applies to social workers while optometrists, pharmacist and massage therapist could still practice outside their professional group with presence of license. This law is also does not applied to doctors and nurses who are hired in hospitals and HMO’s. That is why, it is absolutely unclear why this law exists and why ii is applied to certain professionals including social workers. Such situation which is especially serious for nonprofit social service organizations has led to the application to the law revision in the 2010 year with joint effort of the nonprofit social workers and social workers’ advocates. However, the deadline of this application expires in 2012 and this law remains unchanged. So, the absurd situation when providing service for poor children is considered as a criminal act is still present in New York. Author of this article convinced that this law violates people in need and accurate reading of the law stated “that it is illegal for an unlicensed person to practice a profession or to hold himself out as being able to practice a profession”. In fact, this law says that organizations could not hire licensed social workers, which is makes no sense. Clients are usually expected that they are served by the real professionals, for …
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