Article Summary: “Sleep, Depression and Fatigue”. essay sample

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Article Summary: “Sleep, Depression and Fatigue”.

Maternal depression and fatigue after the child birth is widespread problem worldwide. Different kind of research works examined the factors that lead to the development of maternal sleep disorders, depression and fatigue. Most of these research works in recent years examined the influence of infant sleep problems on the maternal sleep disruptions in the early postpartum period. At the same time, the investigation of the relationship between infant sleep disorders and maternal sleep disruption in the late postpartum period was paid less attention in empirical research. Moreover the effect of home regularity on maternal sleep and depression was not investigated.

In the article, Sleep, Depression and Fatigue, it is investigated the relationship between infant and maternal sleep, as well as the influence of the disorders of the infant sleep on maternal sleep, depression and fatigue. Moreover, the article focuses on the impact of the home environment on the maternal sleep disorders, development of depression and fatigue. Most studies on the topic focused on the early postpartum period (first three months after the child birth) and the effect of infant sleep disorders on maternal sleep was inevitable; however similar effect in late postpartum period requires further investigation. Meanwhile the correlation between home environment and maternal sleep is even less investigated. A study examines the influence of the infant sleep disorders and the level of home regularity on the maternal sleep and wake disturbance, depression and fatigue in the late postpartum period. The data for the study is gathered longitudinally at the age of infants from 4 to 32 weeks. The main variables used within the study are

Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement

Information system (PROMIS), which reflects maternal sleep disturbance, depression and fatigue; Confusion, Hubbub and Order Scale (CHAOS), which measures the level of disorganization at home; Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire (BISQ), which measures infant sleep and Infant-Toddler Symptom Checklist (ITSC), which examines the infant self-regulation behavior.The results of the research described in the article are rather interesting, opening route for the further investigation of the infant and maternal sleep pattern in postpartum period. According to the obtained results, maternal sleep and wake disturbance are strongly correlated with maternal depression and fatigue. At the same time the infant sleep patterns measured by BISQ, as well as infant reregulation measured by ITSC had insignificant impact on maternal depression and fatigue. At the same time, CHAOS appeared to have strong effect on the maternal depression and fatigue. The study shows that problems in home environment regulation in postpartum period can have strong negative influence on the physical and emotional state of mothers. The obtained results have limitations, taking into account little sample size and absence of data prior to pregnancy. Family structure and home characteristics are to become the important variables in future research on the topic.The article describes important clinical implications of the described research work. The most important of these implications are insignificant correlation between infant sleep patterns and maternal depression and fatigue …

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