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Part 1

Lilypad is an organization that specializes in the hospitality industry. The organization runs chains of hotels in America and the Middle East. Moreover, the organization is in a process of establishing ties with La Plaza, a Brazilian based hotel. Lilypad's CEO, Andre is going to Brazil to seal the deal of having a contract with La Plaza. Notably, each Lilypad hotel comes with its unique set of intangibles and a sense of place (Dev, 2008). Thus, each hotel that Lilypad owns has its brand in different regions.

The marketing team of Lilypad points out that the customers loyal to one Lilypad's branded hotel may not visit other properties that Lilypad owns. Furthermore, the corporate logo of Lilypad appears on lower-profile items such as stationary and cloth hangers.Following the proposals by the sales and marketing department as well as Chief Financial Officer, Lilypad is striving to put all its properties under one corporate brand. Consequently, Lilypad seeks to put Lilypad under its corporate brand soon after the owners accept a sign a deal with Lilypad's CEO. The company executives propose two means through which Lilypad can increase revenues. Dev (2008), highlights means through which hotels can increase revenues.

First, the executive proposes an increase in a total number of units for sale through signing up new properties.

Secondly, the executives propose an improvement in occupancy and increase in sale rates of the existing units.

However, it emerges that the executive committee is more passionate about establishing a corporate brand while still allowing managers in different hotels to promote their properties distinctively. There is a need for standardization of all properties under Lilypad. Moreover, the corporate brand would entail revising phone greetings at Head Quarters, along with the taglines and logos (Dev, 2008). However, the company founder and a section of the executive committee oppose the need for a common corporate brand for all properties under Lilypad.

Part 2

It is apparent from the discussion of the Lilypad's executive committee that Lilypad decides to keep distinct brands for the different properties. The idea to maintain distinct brands comes from the Lilypad's brand promise that explains the need to offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences in beautiful and unique locations. A clear interpretation of the Lilypad's brand indicates that Lilypad seeks to offer different experiences to customers in different markets. Thus, there is no need to maintain a single corporate brand for all properties under Lilypad management. However, the decision to maintain distinct corporate brands has some negative implications for the organization. The organization takes it upon itself to enhance the number of units for sale. Also, Lilypad intends to sign up new properties and improve the customer service with a view to increasing revenues. It is the view of the board that Lilypad's senior management carries out an assessment of all properties to establish whether there is the need for renovations. Moreover, the management would establish the possibilities of …

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