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Having chosen painting “Scream” created by Edward Munch for considering connections and correlations between painter’s life history and current piece of art in order to estimate existence of any subjective grounds and reasonable assurances that could impact on interpretation of main idea and gist that was initially implemented in this picture, firstly, it is strongly recommended to refer to Edward Munch early years to understand life path and main events, which took place and could possibly to influence considerably.To achieve clear perception without projected painter’s personal life details on understanding and evaluating of picture “Scream” it requires taking a look and describing it before infiltrating into personal questions.The “Scream” was painted at the time right before the Expressionists, which sustainably made it a trend to emphasize picture’s gist on the expressions of inner feelings, experiences and personal problems rather than displaying realistic components and appearances of objects. Regarding “Scream” it’s easily notable that author tried to highlight his that time world way of perception and difficulties with surrounding communication through imaging and solid representing of emotions by figure appearance, expressions, body shapes and positioning. In accordance with number of picture explanations gestures represent willing of being protected and confident in security of his life. Distanced people behind the emphasized figure represent strained and predicaments relations, loneliness and misunderstanding, which author had been facing with. Colors used in painting imply the fact that the repeated use of the word "blood" in combination with the twirling, swirling, and whirling warm tones used to paint the background suggest actual physical violence.Now, let us consider possible footprints of Munch’s life on his art. From early childhood Edward’s life was subjected to anxiety because of many reasons regarding family and social recognition issues. Such difficulties such as deaths of close relatives and family members, father’s education approaches and problem with health surely reflected on his personality development. Actually, whole Munch’s book of life was filled with black pages, not only, during his childhood, but as the matter of fact, it always had been reflecting on his further lifestyle and values in a particular way. Even in his diaries, the artist admits that he struggled with insanity not only on a personal level during his life, but also through his family as was mentioned above. In fact, his sister was hospitalized for insanity at the time “Scream” was painted. If given a thorough enough analysis, the personal lives of most artists are not perfect portraits of happiness. What makes Edward Munch a different kind of artist is that he shows us an honest, even ugly, glimpse of his inner troubles and feelings of anxiety through his painting “Scream”, putting more importance on personal meaning than on technical skill or “beauty,” a traditional goal of art. But despite the fact that having come through numerous breakdowns and recoveries, countless times being unacknowledged he still was addicted and faithful to his painting style with some implementations of more or less vivid splashes of mood shadows. Taking into account listed chosen …
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