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Auditing ReportName of StudentInstitution affiliationAuditing ReportProject #1: Canadian Tire Automotive Information System – Cole HarbourThis project is aimed to enhance functionality of existing information system in CTC, by suggesting options of existing system (Co-Star) upgrade or selecting other alternatives on the market. Managerial significance of the project is not clear, since there is no detailed description of the added value which new modules designed for online booking and marketing are intended to bring. Project strength is seen in detailed analysis of alternatives for implementation and their cost-benefit analysis which shows a rationale of choice and informed by project constraints. Project weakness is lack of rationale behind the business change. Analysis and design provide reasonable explanation of the system functionality by comparing “AS-IS” and “TO-BE” scenarios, but the difference would benefit from additional details on modules integration. The quality of presentation allows catching the grasp of project meaning easily. Based on the above, it could be rated as “3”.Project #2: Gorsebrook Lounge POS SystemThis project suggests the replacement of manual POS system to an enhanced POS bar style system to dramatically increase the efficiency of employees at Gorsebrook Lounge. Managerial significance is not clear, since there is no detailed description or evaluation of the added value except for a general statement on efficiency improvement. Project strength is in its innovative approach to deal with POS management that could potentially increase service level of the organization. Project weakness is in lacking cost-benefit analysis and evident explanation of system choice. Analysis and design provide reasonable explanation of the system functionality by comparing “AS-IS” and “TO-BE” scenarios, but their presentation is hard to comprehend due to the screenshot size. Based on the above, it could be rated as “3”.Project #3: Doctoring Up at PC MedicThis project explores potential alternatives for merging POS systems of two companies, PC Medic and GBS mobility as a result of their business integration. It provides a comprehensive explanation of problem and opportunities to resolve them, thus justifying managerial significance of changes. Processes are carefully reflected in the system analysis part, explaining how each process like repair service and scheduling, retail services and inventory management modules are expected being transformed. Other than that, justification of choice for different vendors is supported with cost-benefit analysis, comparison to opportunities identified and cross-comparison of vendor solutions. The quality of presentation is also high, as it explicitly specifies the content and provides a clear narrative for project understanding. No significant weaknesses, except for mixed data representation (likely to be pasted from Excel without visible adjustments), were identified. Based on the above, it could be rated as “5”.Project #4: Tenant Information Management SystemThis project suggests an improvement to a daily work of property manager by digitizing tasks conducted manually. Project description, however, lacks a complete business background and managerial significance explanation, operating with generic expressions of assisting manager, user-friendly interface and increase of work efficiency without any reference to the current state of things in the company. Cost-benefit analysis is present, while the numbers are …
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