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The study of immune systems is important with respect to the general care, as well as the provision of vaccines to protect the body from diseases. Similarly, it is through this study that people are able to understand the behavior of different ailments as well as measures taken such as vaccination to control diseases. Also, one gets to understand the importance of activities such as body exercise with respects to living healthy lifestyles. Autoimmunity focuses on the body’s ability to act against microorganisms in the body of a healthy human being. Also, one gets to understand what happens when their body’s autoimmune system is affected. In the case of immunodeficiency, one gets to understand what happens to their bodies when they are not able to counter immune disorders. Also, some of the common immune disorders are better understood through studying immune disorders. The other matter of discussion is the issue of vaccines. Studying vaccines allows one to understand their importance with relation to immune systems. The above mentioned areas of study are important in deciding general health care measures. The objective of this paper is to find out the importance of these areas.



Autoimmunity refers to the response produced by the body when it does not recognize body cells as its own but rather as foreign tissues. This condition is present in everyone. The immune system protects the body from infections but when an autoimmune disease comes, normal body cells are attacked. On the contrary, it can be the cause of various autoimmune diseases. These disorders occur when harmless body response develop to pathogenic autoimmunity responses. The cause of this advancement is propagated by both genetic as well as environmental factors. The actual causes of autoimmunity has not been establishedWhen an autoimmune disorder happens, the body is not able to differentiate between normal cells and antigens. The result is that this reaction destroys normal tissues in the body. In some instances it has been thought that some microorganisms and drugs tend to confuse the immune system. This effect is common in people who have genes associated with immune systems. Results of autoimmunity lead to destruction of tissues, abnormal organ growth and changes in body functions. Areas affected with autoimmunity are connective tissue, white blood cells, blood vessels, muscles, the skin, endocrine glands as well as joints. More importantly, an individual may have more than one immune disorder at the same time. Some of the most common disorders include pernicious anemia, reactive arthritis among others.


An immunodeficiency disorder is one that prevents the body from properly fighting infections and diseases. Therefore, it becomes easy for the body to be attacked by viruses and bacteria. Immunodeficiency disorders are categorized into congenital as well as acquired. Congenital disorders are those that one is born with. On the other hand, the acquired disorders that one get later on in their life and are more common as compared to congenital disorders. The main organs that are involved in the …

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