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Today, most aviation accidents or mishaps are criminally investigated, and in most cases the ‘perpetrators’ who are found guilty for various violations are imprisoned. Although the aviation authorities think that this is the appropriate action to help in enhancing aviation safety, it achieves the opposite effect. Research statistics show that over 70% of the aviation accidents are because of human error, which is because of factors such as fatigue. If this is the case, a person should not be treated as a criminal for an unintentional act. Instead, the right steps should be undertaken to ensure that a person is justifiably held accountable, while at the same time providing the appropriate action against him or her for his or her actions.To ensure that the aviation industry becomes safer, there is the need for communication between the aviation personnel, the management and the regulatory bodies in this industry. An employee should feel free to divulge information about a certain mishap that one noticed without feeling afraid of being prosecuted. The information that they provide can help the relevant authority bodies to know the likely cause of an accident and how that can be prevented in future. An efficient approach is using just culture. It shows which acts are considered human error, and actions to be undertaken. Using that approach the aviation industry will be made safer as aviation personnel will be willing to provide the necessary information without the fear of appraisal.


In this essay, it focusses on aviation safety. It points out the reasons why aviation accidents should not be treated as criminal activities unless there was intentional sabotages i.e. issues such as terrorism. The paper will show why the use of just culture in the aviation industry is appropriate in ensuring that there is aviation safety. The reason for this is that the aviation personnel will be more willing to provide relevant information and they will be sure that the information that they provide will be treated with confidentiality unless there is a just cause to reveal the information.Body of the EssayIn light of the high reliability of the modern aircraft systems, today, human performance is regarded as the key focus when it comes to flight safety. It has been noted that there are various types of human error that have been seen to be contributing factors to different incidents and accidents that affect the aviation industry. For the safety officers at different airlines they usually observe human errors and rule violations when they are monitoring the safety performance of the aircrafts in the airline, by assessing the safety reports and the flight data monitoring. It has been noted that information and training cannot immunize an organization or even an individual from committing an error. Safety is paramount in the aviation industry; this is because, even though the aviation accidents are infrequent and highly visible, they often result in the massive loss of life. It then leads to exhaustive investigations, public reports …

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