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Barriers to Success in the Online Learning Environment


The online learning environment is an important platform that has helped many students and other academic scholars in their studies. It has been used as the sources of information needed in class and even in research activities (Morgenthaler, 2009). However, many issues have dragged this technology making it difficult to access information in the right manner. Such factors which include poor network conditions and shortage of electricity has contributed to students failures in their academic work.Irrelevant


The Internet is full of information that is meant for different purposes. Students might develop the need to read irrelevant information whenever they encounter an ad or some attractive ideas while browsing a certain topic. It will be of great disadvantage to the student because it wastes the time meant for learning (Morgenthaler, 2009). Students are advised to stick to their timetables to make the use of online learning platforms successful.

Poor Internet Connections

To be very successful in online reading platforms, there should be an adequate network connection to enable the students to get information at the right time. Working internet networks are critical in downloading the files and watching some academic tutorials. Failure to access good working system will hinder the online learning strategy (Morgenthaler, (2009). It is critical to ensure one has access to working internet connections that are very fast to be able to access the indented information at the right time.

Power Interruption

For efficient access to the online learning platforms, there should be an uninterrupted power source to enable the computers or any other electronic device used to run. Power shortage can interrupt the progress of downloading certain information. Students should ensure that they have access to a regular supply of power to benefit a lot from online learning environments (AACN Essentials of Master's Education in Nursing, 2011).

Poor Study Environments

Poor study environments are critical components of online learning. Places with many noises will destruct the attention of the student. Students need a quiet environment without disturbance from things like television, family members or fellow students. This ensures an elegant environment for concentration (AACN Essentials of Master's Education in Nursing, 2011).

Lack of Basic Technical Skills

Online learners should be well versed in the skills that will enable them to get the learning materials online. For example, they should be able to create new documents, use word processing programs, and navigate the Internet and know how to download certain software. These credentials are very basic for one to be successful in online learning environments (Brusco, 2011). It is, therefore, essential for an individual to attend a class of basic computer skills.

Lack of Persistence

Lack of persistence is key to failing in online learning environment. Individuals who mostly succeed are those that can persist or tolerate some technical hitches such as computer software not responding, and weak networks (Brusco, 2011). They should be ready to ask for help when necessary from the technicians.

Lack of …

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