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Basic plan, Functional Annex, Hazard Specific Annex

The basic plan describes the procedures of the plan. It shows the mission of the involved hazards. The basic plan is the base for all the other performances. It shows the mission and the main objectives of the whole plan to solve a given hazard. The basic plan explains the hazards expected to occur. It further outlines the roles and the responsibilities of every occurrence. The functional annexes describes all the procedures involved. It also gives further details on the mission of every hazard (Kenworthy, 2008).

It addresses core functions or the strategies that can be used in case of the emergency. The strategies are well outlined with a backup plan in case it is necessary. The hazard specific annex explains all the specific procedures of what is likely to happen in case of any hazard. It gives the procedures, which are designed for a particular hazard. These hazards could be earthquake. Annexes are considered the main supplements to the district’s fundamental EOP. They aim at looking for ways that will manage the core functions before an emergency occurs, during the emergency and even after the emergency. Every annex describes the policies, procedures, responsibilities and roles that are assigned to every staff and departments (Drabek, 2011).

The annexes helps in tracing the impact of the emergencies and what was not done. The analysts are able to get the root cause of the emergence and here the responsible personnel’s might have filed in their role. The functions may override each other, hence there is need to come up with many annexes. However, the procedures outlaid in one strategy should not be repeated in another strategy. They should be tailored for the specific hazard. The difference between the basic plan and the plan annexes rates back to the traditional EOP. The basic plan is the high level guidance strategic where all the operations and the tactics are developed. The basic plan is there to describe the general and internal processes such as the policies and the procedures, which are used to support the districts emergency management programs. On the other hand, the annexes discusses how the emergencies are to be managed before the emergence, after the emergency or during the emergency. This is after the basic plan have outlined the basic game. An annex will provide the system integration after the designated function or a hazard is identified. A systematic integration is activated for the emergency. The annexes focus to the essential operations for a given course of the action. They aim at solving the issue when it have already occurred and on the issue solution before it happens. The annexes also define he roles and actions, which are necessary for providing the coordinated response in the organization (Banovetz, 2014).

They also define the parties involved in every action and how they need to handle the situation; the concerned parties are then expected to follow those guidelines. The annexes also provide the guideline to most of the …

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