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History of North America is often reflected in the waves of immigrants coming to the region at one point of time of another. It has become home to millions of people from all over the world and this kind of melting pot society has formed the modern culture of the country. The input of every nationality into the history and the culture of the continent has been thoroughly researched and evaluated. However, there is one part of people, who were amongst the first to arrive to North America, are often disregarded and their impact onto the culture is often diminished, and those are Afro-Americans.Roy Simon Bryce-Laporte carried out thorough research of the history in relation to the naturalization of black people. He concentrated his attention on inequality and difficulties encountered by the black immigrants who arrived to the continent of North America at some point in history. He pointed out that there has been an ongoing tendency of Jamaican emigrating from their homeland to North America, and vice versa a great number of Americans and Canadians buying property in those regions correspondingly.

This has taken its toll on both the continent and the islands, as far as for the island it means brain drain of many young people moving to the USA for the better prospects. Thus, it has a huge impact on the Americanization of the region. It is vital to note, that author predicts a large part of former West Indies population may repatriate in the future.(Bryce-Laporte, p.37) This rather interesting tendency might have the opposite effect on these territories. Having reviewed the data in historical aspects, the author has implemented the precise analysis of the population flow and the impact of the latter. Moreover, he highlighted the difficulties facing the black immigrants coming to the North America. Due to the fact that most of them come from the unprivileged background and far poorer countries with less complicated social structure and bigger dependence on family relations, they find it difficult to adapt to the new country and community and end up settling down in the regions with higher percentage of the Afro-American population. Roy Simon Bryce-Laporte based some of his research on the findings of one of the first sociologists researching the black immigrants Ira De A. Reid.

The outstanding sociologist of the past century, Ira De A. Reid, researched the impact of black immigrants onto the society of the USA. In particular, he focused his attention around the topic of the new coming foreign black immigrants and their cultural impact in the local communities and nationwide as well. Regarding the black population, the author divides them into two categories foreign- born and native-born. (Reid,p. 495) Furthermore, describing the hardships of the adaptation and naturalization processes the author brings to the attention of the reader the following discrepancy in American society: while population seems to be equal and having the same scope of opportunities, there is still invisible division between the people of color and the …

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