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Black Panthers’ Ten Point Program

Free from Prison

Immediate release of all African Americans from deferral, state, country, city jails and penitentiaries on the grounds that their constitutional rights have been violated.

Independence and more rights to local Mexican American communities in deciding legislative issues End of segregationally policies The rise of each of the three groups was determined by the political and social activism of the Civil Rights era, which greatly enhanced the social, cultural, and ethnic self-awareness of different ethnic groups making up the American nation.

All these groups declared their programs formulated as manifestoes and addressed their requests to the US Government and society. In them, the groups and movements they represented referred to the historical, social and cultural background explaining the origin and nature of their status characterized by inequality and lack of basic human rights.

They showed that the oppression was exercised by the dominant structures of the society controlled by the power-holding groups of the Caucasian and predominantly Saxon origin. The demands of the groups centered on the requests of the provision of the rights according to the US Constitution and addressed the economic, social, cultural, and legislative issues and practices. All the three groups had their anti-was platforms referring to the war in Vietnam.

The Black Panthers’ request was the most detailed; it referred to the racial implications of the US war against Vietnam and declared racial solidarity with the “yellow” race fighting against the white people for its independence. The differences in the manifestoes reflected the historical experience of each racial or ethnic group in the context of the US development as a country. Therefore, the Black Panthers’ Ten Point Program was characterized by the formulations, which defied the white race’s attitude to the former slaves and insisted on getting the civil rights for African Americans in the most imperative tone, sometimes resorting to the vocabulary that is not normally used in the documents presenting the political programs.

Unlike the Black Panthers’ manifesto, the document stating the demands of Mexican Americans mentioned the importance of the bilingual education, which reflected the rights of Spanish-speaking immigrants living in the U.S.A. For Native Americans, the recognition of the treaties with the government concerning their tribal lands’ ownership was one of the key issues.

Other aspects, including education, social and cultural development, restitution and compensation rights were closely related to this demand. In this way, each of the documents reflected the common problems rooted in social injustice and power group dominance, as well as specific issues, which showed the history of the group’s integration into American nation and the critical problems that developed in the …

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