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The federal government built the wall as an initiative to reduce the illegal migration and to provide border security. The Secure Border Initiative managed the installation of the wall. The construction of the border wall cost the federal government billions of dollars. Secure Border Initiative also proposed for the development of border protection system. The SBInet was articulated to the wall. Cameras, sensors, and radars were fixed on the SBInet to classify, identify and detect the threats regarding the illegal entry into the United States (Peter).

The illegal immigration has been the common issue that has been interfering with the United States government. Most of the terrorist have been sneaking into the United States from the borders such as Mexico and United States border (Peter). Therefore, the United States government in collaboration with Secure Border Initiative decided to build a border wall at the border of the United States and Mexico. Moreover, the drug dealer and peddlers have been crossing the border via the illegal routes. Hence, the wall acted as a barrier to secure the United States from the drugs activities. The detectors that are on the border wall are very advanced such that they can detect all sorts of illegal drugs such cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

Pros of the border wall

The wall provides security to the citizens and stability in the government about the national security; it is essential for controlling the national security. The wall will reduce the rate of illegal drugs transportation over the southern border (Ermolaeva, and Ross). The wage rates have been declining due to the reason that the illegal emigrants demand low wages from the employers in the United States; hence the native have been forced to earn less. The border wall will enable the border agents to concentrate on few illegal migrants since they can handle the few on the entrance only.

Cons of the border wall

Illegal emigrants who are determined to climb the wall are capable of crossing the border regardless of the wall. Therefore, the native citizens believe that they are being protected while in the real sense they are not provided with total security. Though it takes longer to cross the border, the illegal migrants can cross for their betterment. The patrol officers can become reluctant due to the reason that they believe no one can cross the border by climbing the wall (Ermolaeva, and Ross). With the wall the illegal emigrants can tend to take laws into their hands because they believe that illegal emigrants are being mistreated; hence they can hurt the innocent citizens.

The implication and the view regarding goals of the border wall

The landowners have taken the wall as the security tool (Peter). The landowners believe the federal government is progressing well regarding security to its citizens and the land owners. Federal government is doing its best to ensure that the landowners are being protected. Since the environment is anything that is around, the United States …

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