Boy Scouts of America Votes to End Century-Old Ban on Gay Scouts essay sample

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Boy Scouts of America Votes to End Century-Old Ban on Gay Scouts

The Boy Scouts’ movement in America has got its long history and established its own rules and traditions. Through more than one hundred years of the existence of this organization its members used to hold a certain position about some important aspects of human life. According to the policy of the BSA this organization, is supposed to state that homosexuality is not normal from the moral point of view; however, eventually, the Boy Scouts of America have voted to lift a ban on openly gay scouts.

Such changes of the direction, in which the BSA moves, can lead to serious negative consequences and affect the ultimate goal of this organization as well as make the people lose their trust in the whole movement and provoke further controversies in the policy of the BSA.First of all, the propaganda message about homosexuality which can now be sent by the Boy Scouts is a real violation of the ultimate policy of the BSA. America is famous for its uncompromised faith to the law. Behind every legitimate action, there is a law that protects and supports it. For the boy scouts the law, which protects their activity, is certainly the policy of the BSA. The decision made upon the membership of the open homosexuality was established by the Boy Scouts’ Leadership under enormous pressure of gay rights activists and major corporate sponsors.

Doesn’t it mean that gay rights activists intentionally violate the rights of the boy scouts according to the First Amendment and moreover neglected the core principles of the whole organization? Yes, it does. Yes, the gay rights activists start to cross the line when they think that protection of their rights is more important and legal than the others. The way the BSA was made to lift the ban was also quite unfair; private institutions like this one are worth being supported and financed by every person or organization interested in bringing up a new generation of Americans in a right way. Of course, when a number of sponsors that used to invest in the scouting movement stopped supplying money because in this way they wanted to influence the leadership’s decision upon membership for open gays; the Boy Scouts of America had nothing to do but reconsider their policy to get back the funding. Intel Corp stopped their donating into the BSA movement on the basis of this controversial debates about lifting the ban, although, they have kept supporting the organization for years before that and didn’t mind some peculiarities of the Scouts’ policy. It’s always hard to meet everybody’s demands and wishes, but it doesn’t mean that in order to satisfy the homosexual part of the community a worthful and upstanding institution like the BSA must sacrifice its more than hundred years old principles and ideas. Thus, when the main principles of the organization are violated and neglected it can lead to further affecting those principals. The BSA is a …

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