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Brand Name Products VS Private Labels

Will brand name products lose market share to private labels and generic products and ultimately lose its importance in the market place?
Brand name products are already losing their market share to private labels and generic products due to various reasons. According to (D.E. Visuals, 2012) brand name products are losing their hold on the consumers. Consumers are more willing to try different and new brands because they believe they have more convenient access to a wider range of product choices.
Also, tradition advertising is diminishing, and retailers are strengthening their interactions. They are redesigning product displays to create favorable customer impressions of their products, as a result, consumers are losing connection with brand name products.
Also, private label branding is one way of creating a customer loyalty from people who buy these products so consumers are feeling more attached to them than brand name products.
Lastly, retailers are taking clues from the brand name products when they are managing their portfolios of private labels and applying more innovative marketing strategies. They also hire brand managers to complement their buyers and consequently, brand name are losing their importance in the market place.I agree with the post that the growth of private label and generic products is causing more pressure to on the companies of brand name products and it is affecting their shares in the market. Lower prices encourage consumers to prefer private labels and generic products.
Additionally, private labels customize customers shopping experience which leads to a higher customer loyalty.I agree with the post that brands are affected by the cost of advertising. Manufacturing companies for brand products have excessive promotions which train the consumers to wait for deals and thus, shifting the focus from product features to prices and thereby increasing consumers’ reference price points.


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