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Breast Cancer Screening Barriers

Without a doubt, breast cancer is a topic that is very important to all women. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women. We, as nurses and healthcare providers, should bring breast cancer awareness as priority in our daily practice.Awareness will encourage women to be familiar with what the breast should feel and looks like.

The majority of the women have a subconscious awareness of how their breasts should be. Reports show that about 90% of breast cancers are found by women themselves or their partners. This health promotion is not about searching for cancer but to confirm that everything remains the same (Graham, 2005).Regardless the broad measures taken to promote early detention of breast cancer, around 30% of women wait at least 3 months before seeking medical attention for breast cancer symptoms leading to poor outcome due to the advance stage of cancer. Multiple risk factors are being identified such as fear of cancer, life demands, other beliefs, lower education level, and spiritual beliefs (Heisy, et al., 2011).

Women need more information about the types of cancers, their symptoms, and more important, when to seek medical attention. It is also important to educate women about advantages of early detention of cancer and their treatments. Recognizing those women at risk for delay presentation may result in earlier diagnosis of breast cancer (Heisy, et al., 2011). A lot questions rises in regards to the coverage of breast cancer screening and how early it is covered. The affordable Care Act is mandated to cover mammograms for breast screening without a co-pay or deductible in the plan of care. Other health care plans, however may have different coverage based on state laws and other federal laws (American Cancer Society, 2014).Women without health insurance are less likely to obtain a mammogram than one with insurance. About 32% of women in 2010 of 40 years or older without health insurance had a mammogram. The lack of health insurance is one of the main reasons for breast cancer screening disparities.There are many obstacles that make it difficult for some women to obtain breast cancer screening.

Providing access, sensitivity, and awareness could help reduce or eliminate those obstacles (Susan G Komen, 2015 ).As health care providers, we should identify all barriers in our community that will prevent patients from having the appropriate breast cancer screening. It is also imperative that we teach the appropriate methods for self-breast exams.So, the first article I am going to analyze is “Cancer screening among a population-based sample of insured women” written by a group of investigators in 2015. The investigators are Sharon Hensley Alford, Steven Leadbetter, Juan L. Rodriguez, Nikki A. Hawkins, Lawrence E. Schol and Lucy A. Peipins. At the focus of this article is the problem of high mortality from breast cancer, as well as from cervical and colorectal cancers among women, despite the availability of cancer screening.

That is why they have provided a study in …

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