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Building a Good Rapport with Stakeholders



Background of the study

Situation Analysis

The Publics

Major Public Relations Tools

Objective of the Study

Research Questions

Significance of the Study




Limitation of the Study

Conceptual Framework

Literature Review




Public Relations involve shaping the perception of the consumers, customers and associates to initiate, build or strengthen relationships. The execution of Public Relations process and activities is to enhance the rapport of a special interest group or organization in the eyes of the consumer, associate or client. A more scholarly yet simplified definition of Public Relations Society state “Public Relations are an organization‟s efforts to win the cooperation of groups of people” (Bowen, Rawlins, & Martin, 2012). The publics are the stakeholder of the business who directly or indirectly affects the activities of the organization (Foster, 2008). They include; the community/society, suppliers/creditors, customers, trade unions, the government, competitors, legal experts, stock exchange market, banks and other financial institutions and tax authorities. In relation to an existing business that lacks identity, public relations tools will be very instrumental. The aim of this paper is to examine how an established organization, Bay Inc., may use public relations tools and advertising to reclaim its identity.

Background of the study

Organizations lose their identity for different reasons. For instance, an organization may be involved in fraud making it to lose the trust of its stakeholders. Public Relations seek to project the image and the identity of the organization so as to attract customers to purchase the group‟s products more than two centuries ago. Adam Smith said that a client is sole and purpose of all production; however customer is right all-embracing for any kind of purchase of goods or services. In any case, the customer or the consumer, whichever way we prefer to call, is the key to success in any business operation. In today‟s market-oriented situation, however, consumers have challenging roles in the process of buying a product or using a service. Therefore, consumers are in reality the end user of the product or the service, whereas, a customer, particularly in industrial market, any industrial goods or products for the purpose of serving the end user.

Public Relations, therefore, give the organization end in particular marketing function and orientation towards serving the public well. Corporate Public Relations entails all those activities geared towards creating a good reputation of the corporate with the intention of securing acceptance of its products and services and make high levels of sales. The Public Relations activities include; effective communication, participation in a social course, meeting legal obligations, factoring morality in the organization‟s activities and serving all audiences equitably and honestly. Corporate Public Relations utilizes the use of communication in the activities of benchmarking, Public Relations process (Grunig, 2000). The role of PR has become increasing of importance due to the increasingly complex structure honestly and its growing emotiveness from direct contact with people, the development of an a sounding vast intricate network of PR process, the rise of competition and more so in change of global economic perspective, the emphasis of employee relations …

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