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Building in California

California has a lot of wonderful buildings and among all of them there is one which is like a chameleon blends with the sky in different weather. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of the symbols and sights of Los Angeles. Very unusual building that strikes the eye. Its architecture is surprising - to find a straight line is unlikely to succeed, all it consists entirely of bends.

The architect of this building in the center of Los Angeles is Frank Gehry.The Walt Disney Concert Hall can already be considered as a classic, although it is slightly reminds of the building in usual sense of the word. Surrounded by skyscrapers of Los Angeles, proudly ultramodern building resembles filled with wind giant sails of a ship, or a full-blown flower of some fantastic plants, the petals of which are covered with steel, gleaming in the sun.This futuristic building with a beautiful design amazes with its greatness. It is made in the style of deconstruction. But on steel panels, which were used for cladding the facade of the hall, the sun rays were pretty much reflected.

That is why the residents of nearby houses constantly complained about the unbearable heat and paving slabs temperature reached 60 ° C. Then it was decided to cover the most reflective steel sheets with a thin layer of sand.A demonstration of Frank Gehry’s talent was to bring the appearance of the building to the maximum-functional use of the building interior. Behind of each frozen lump and an outstanding piece is a well-thought-out interior. The main room of the building interior space is a concert hall, which is designed for the maximum comfort of spectators, the orchestra and the stage. The architectural solution in which the appearance of the building follows the irregular interior shape it is an opportunity to introduce a new architecture of the city in which the appearance of the buildings will depend on engineering capabilities and imagination of architects.Due to problems with financing the construction of the Walt Disney Concert Hall was delayed for 9 years (1992-2003). The total project cost $ 274 million dollars.

Architect Frank Gehry has created a masterpiece on Disney wife's money (and therefore building bears his name) and construction fund. Beautiful blue rose of porcelain a favorite flower of Disney wife. But it's not just the Concert Hall named after Walt Disney; it is still a building of great beauty. Los Angeles has got not just a masterpiece of architecture, but the best room of the world in which the acoustics exceeds all global grounds. Concert hall is for 2265 seats which are trimmed with expensive wood. It is distinguished by divine acoustics and amazing interior design. However, there talented architect stayed true to himself - organ, rising in the middle of the scene, is designed as a beam of randomly admonition tubes of different heights and diameters of the amount of 6000 pieces.

According to Gehry …

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