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Business and Management Problems


The research paper answers several questions, related to business and management problems. There are five questions to answer. Basically the research analyses and describes the articles provided. Also, the questions and problems, covered in the articles, are discussed in the paper. The questions are related to the problems of information in management, ethical issues and marketing problems.Business and ManagementQuestion 7FOIA stands for the so-called Freedom of Information Act. It is a federal law, which was accepted in 1967 in the United States of America. It defines the types of documents and mechanism of disclosure of information in these documents. Traditionally, these documents are governmental ones and have some degree of confidentiality. This act can be used in competitive intelligence. It can be used as an argument to get information that can change character of competition. As a result, it may bring risks for companies, about which information is gathered.


Freedom of Information Act. Retrieved March 5, 2016, from 13 The article considered in this question is the following - Red Corn, L. (2005, June 14).

Grocer sues over tactic by Wal-Mart. The author analyzes the problem of unfair competition, in which a world-known com-any has been involved. Wal-Mart is the global leader in retailing. That is why it is quite difficult for other companies to overcome it in competition. Especially it becomes difficult, when Wal-Mart uses instruments of unfair competition. Such case is analyzed below.Grocery, called Super H, has accused Wal-Mart in sending its workers to steel information about prices, established in this grocery. That stealing has become possible via illegal scanning of bar codes. As a result, having this information, Wal-Mart has been able to get competitive advantages in setting pricing strategy. Moreover, those bar codes have contained information about grocery’s costs, inventories and other organizational secrets. That is why it was treated like corporate espionage.Such method of gathering information cannot be considered as legal and ethical. Definitely, it is a case of corporate espionage, and Wal-Mart should take responsibility for this situation. Retailer’s costs and other organizational secrets are internal information of the company. That is why it is a steal of information. It does not respond to business ethics and ethics in general.Wal-Mart should have looked for other instruments of getting required information. There were two ways. First of all, the company could contact the grocery to get information in a legal way. Second of all, that information should have been retrieved from open sources and market researches.


Red Corn, L. (2005, June 14). Grocer sues over tactic by Wal-Mart. Tulsa World, Retrieved from Newspaper Source Plus database.

Social media has become an integral part of a daily life. It is possible to get a lot of useful information about a person from his/her page on Facebook. Also, it is possible to gather such information about a company and its business secrets. Every worker has account on Facebook. He can post some information about his company’s performance, using this account. …

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