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Business Research Letter on Environment

Many of the surrounding local places are characterized by beautiful and green vegetation. For example, Boise River, one of the major tributaries of Snake River, is a recreational facility flowing through the remote mountains in the Boise National Forest and southern Sawtooth Wilderness Area in northeastern Elmore County. Despite the river and the area being a tourists’ catchment, there are no recreation resorts and hotels built around the places where the river flows.

Also, the remote mountains and the national forest are homes to wild plants and animals. Therefore, my main thought is to urge the stakeholders and other interested parties to set up recreational facilities such as resort centers and hotels around the area to serve tourists who will be coming to visit the area. Another primary concern is the state of the river, especially the downstream towards the farming area and the dams. The high level of pollution needs to be addressed by the community living in the areas where the river passes so that they get clean water for their local uses. The community can come up with community-based initiatives such as a community cleaning day to help reduce the state of pollution. As a student, I am obsessed with nature and the environment in general. Visiting Boise River was an opportunity to learn about new things concerning the environment and protection. I always think about how the state of the world be due to deforestation.

The high level of pollution in Boise River is my next area of concentration since the river is one of the greatest resource to Idaho State and the government of the United States. I would like to research on the effects of the pollution to the existing watery life. Also, I would like to carry out research on the steps the state government of Idaho has taken to preserve the existing wildlife, especially in the Sawtooth Wilderness Area and Boise National Forest. Finally, I would like to research on how the state government of Idaho and the local community has benefited from the river and the wildlife.

During the semester, I have been able to visit some of the ecological centers and find out how the local administrations have preserved the local environment. My main aim of conducting the research was to determine the effects and impacts of the environmental degradation. I found out that most of the causes of environmental degradations are due to human factors. For example, careless dumping of refuse is blamed for the high downstream water pollution. I also found out that environmental degradation is one of the causes of the global warming. For example, climate change is caused by deforestation because the absence of vegetation cover permits solar rays from the sun to directly hit the earth’s surface resulting in rising in global temperature. Also, air pollution is responsible for the high rate of respiratory diseases especially among people living in areas set aside for industries. Inquiry from …

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