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California Restaurants

El Cholo is one of the most famous restaurants in Los Angeles. El Cholo is situated on 1121 S. Western Ave. in Los Angeles. This restaurant has its own unique history, which is reflected in many aspects of its existence. One of such aspects is the restaurant's menu.

Menu consists of many dishes that reflect the aspects of L.A.’s ethnic cultures. Among them are: Blue corn chicken enchiladas, or Santa Barbara enchiladas, aged cheese quesadilla, Sonora style nachos, Carmen’s original nachos, fiesta platter, taquitos, chimichanga appetizer, house guacamole, handmade flour tortilla, crabmeat enchilada, enchilada suiza, Annie’s early California, enchiladas mariscos, tortilla soup, Joe’s traditional albondigas, Southwest chicken tostada, ceviche tostadas, tostada compuesta, green corn tamales, chile con carne, tres tacos al carbon, burrito dorado, filet mignon tacos, carne asada, fish tacos, plato de carnitas, chicken chimichangas, fajitas.

Los Angeles is a city of the mixing of nationalities, languages, styles and cultures. If any metropolis deserves the title of "city of peace", it is definitely would be Los Angeles. Here located almost all nationalities and ethnic groups of our planet. The dishes of El Cholo represent the blending of ethnic cultures in a best way. Most of these dishes are traditional Mexican dishes, which are the result of blending of Aztec and Spanish culinary traditions in the 16th century.

The first conquistadors appeared on the territory of the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan, the future capital of Mexico, found the kitchen, the basis of which was corn, beans, chili peppers, various spices, nopal and tomatoes. Of course, the Indians prepared from other products. For example, not a small role played so well-liked chocolate. However, the daily ration was based on this. The Spaniards have contributed to acquaint residents with wheat, barley, rice, different varieties of meat, olive oil, nuts, wine, and even parsley. The restaurant's menu includes dishes of Mexican cuisine such as enchiladas, nachos, tortilla soup, tostadas, tamales, fajitas and many others. Mexican community is always been a big and significant community in L.A.Alcoholic beverages of Mexico, of course, not limited to tequila, but that it is in great demand, both in the state and beyond. It is considered the birthplace of the eponymous town in the state of Jalisco. Tequila - is a type of mescal drink (the degree of this drink is high), because of the circumstances, and has received the distinctive features of its own name. The word "mescal" in Mexico represents everything that is made from agave juice.

Usually drink is placed in a bottle, on the bottom of which floats a caterpillar. It is believed that if the caterpillar is not soluble in mescal, the quality of mescal is very high.Many people of different nationalities often visit El Cholo to feel the special spirit of the Mexican community. At El Cholo are eating different kinds of people, among them are Americans, Native Americans, Chinese, Arabs, Russians, Vietnamese, many Mexicans. Most of the people want to touch the Mexican culture through the delicious and various kinds of food.A major …

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