Campaigning, Elections, and Voting in Texas essay sample

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Campaigning, Elections, and voting in Texas

In Texas, concerns about elections, campaigns, and voting have experienced political changes in recent years. Many issues have happened during elections. They include expensive campaigns, competitive and intensive campaigns among the candidates and the enactment of stringent laws that have affected the voting rights of citizens.

Since elections are supposed to be a symbol of democracy, everyone should be given a chance to express his or her right during campaigns, voting, and elections. Therefore, the paper will comprehensively delve into the practices experienced

during campaigns, elections and voting in Texas.

Annotated Bibliography

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This article explains the nature of elections in Texas. It is evident from the article that the political culture and the state constitution have put in place an electoral system that allows the citizens of Texas to elect candidates at different levels of government. The constitution provides for a direct election of state officers in the executive, judiciary, and county levels. In the case of a general election, all registered voters are eligible to participate in voting for different candidates. Furthermore, the article explains that during a primary election, the winner must garner a clear majority. If there is no winner with a majority, a runoff election is held with the candidate with the most votes emerging the winner. CQ Press.

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It is evident from the journal that minor parties are disadvantaged in accessing the general ballot during elections in Texas. The minor parties are those who get less than 5% of votes in the previous election or are new. Therefore, they must collect signatures equal to 1% of the votes in the last election for them to be on the ballot. This gives an upper hand to the established parties.

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On the other hand, this article provides insight into the requirements for voting in Texas. It spotlights that to be an eligible voter; you must be 18 years old, a citizen of U.S., and a registered voter. Furthermore, you should have been a resident of Texas for not less than thirty days. It adds that you should not be mentally incompetent or be in possession of a criminal record. In recent years, the process has been made simple where you simply fill a small card that is available on the internet in different locations where the application of the driving license is done. However, it is notable from the article …

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