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What the career is if you want to study accounting at PVCC, under the program name Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in General Business (Accounting, 2016).What education is needed?

Studying accounting at college level requires a heavy focus on business, economics, mathematic and finance (CollegeInfo, 2016).

Basic salary information,

The average basic salary for an accountant (certified public accountant) in the US is $60,978 per annum (, 2016).Where the career is most needed (geographically)Accountants are needed in every organization, especially businesses since every organization needs to have its financial books balanced at the end of every financial year. Such organizations include corporations, individual businesses, government’s institutions and hospitals.

Why you chose this career?

I have always found accounting both exciting and important for every business. The accountant compiles and provides financial reports and advice to the managers and shareholders, enabling them to make comprehensive business decisions. Moreover, I have always had a liking for mathematics and calculations all my life. In high school, I easily understood related concepts and I could easily apply such concepts in real life. There is a huge similarity between mathematical concepts that I learned in high school and the accounting course at the college; this made it easier for me to choose Accounting.

How attending PVCC helps you with this path?

The accounting program at PVCC is designed for diverse needs. For example, it is beneficial to individuals who are seeking further knowledge or skills and to those who are looking for the first accounting related position, like me (Accounting, 2016).

I believe that the diversity and intensity of the course program at the college will give me a firm foundation in the field of accounting.

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