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Causes and Effects of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is usually referred to as crossing national borders of a country with violations of its immigration laws. This phenomenon is quite widespread worldwide, especially in the United States, where Mexicans and immigrants from other countries fly to in search of jobs and better life. Naturally, it happens due to a number of reasons.

As a result, illegal immigration has several important effects on the economy, society, and jobs.The number of people immigrating to the USA is increasing. There are several causes of it. Judith Gans (2007) has observed that the reasons are simple and complex at the same time. First of all, the most general reason is of economic character. Most illegal migrants come from poor, less-developed countries and try to find better job conditions and higher wages to provide for their families. However, this economic factor is supported by the fact that the system of immigration in the United States differ from those system in other countries fundamentally. To be precise, there are three sub-causes of illegal immigration to the USA: global economic processes, inadequate policy with regard to legal economic migration, and effectless sanctions for hiring illegal immigrants. Thus, global economic processes made labor more liberal and more international. From this point of view, illegal immigration as a phenomenon has a tendency of spreading. Apart from this, illegal mechanisms of immigration to the USA are used because of a limited number of channels for legitimate economic migration. Therefore, low-skilled workers from other countries, who are demandable in the United States, search for illegal ways of crossing the border.

Finally, since the U.S. economy needs low-paid workers, and real mechanisms for checking whether employment is legal or not are absent, the flow of illegal immigrants is not regulated in a proper way. In turn, it leads to the growth of a number of migrants arriving in the USA unlawfully.The effects of illegal immigration in the United States are different. At first sight, immigrants who are not registered seem to be a burden for the economy, since they are not obliged to pay taxes. However, a more detailed consideration shows that the issue is complex. Thus, Mamta Badkar (2012) has stated in her article that immigrants from Mexico constitute approximately 60 percent of undocumented workers in the USA, and they are of a great importance to the economy, forming about 4 percent of a national GDP. Mexican immigrants work primarily in a limited number of spheres in the USA.

For instance, forestry and fishing give jobs for 5% of Mexican immigrants, who, surprisingly, contribute to 18 percent of GDP in these economic sectors. More than that, nearly 14% and 12% of output are provided by immigrants from Mexico in the spheres of construction and food services correspondingly. On the contrary, immigrants are thinly represented in finance, insurance and government. Nevertheless, the above provided data prove that immigrants play an important role …

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