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Centralized Government of Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is known for nowadays not only the author of Federalist 78 but also the theoretic of an idea of integral role of central government in a state policy. The hotly debated issue is whether the theories of Hamilton are considered as opposition to the American Revolution and the ideas of John Locke about individualism and minimal influence of government to the policy in a state.

First and foremost, the idea of strong reliance on government is a prerequisite to establish the entire state. For instance, one of the characteristics that determine the state is an availability of the authority. As to the Article 1 of the US Constitution, the American government provides common prosperity to the United States. The idea of strong reliance on government should be considered as initial background to set up the existing American political system. As the second, the political heritage left by Hamilton was the judicial review that allow the Supreme Court to find acts as null and void in case they are not in accordance with the Constitution. In that way he justified role of the judiciary and provided new function for system of checks and balances.

As it was stated by Isaac Kramnick, in this manner Hamilton maintained the idea of strong government including “lawmakers”, “law procurer” and “law interpreter” (Kramnick and Lowi 193). It means that Hamilton established balance between national and state authority within the principle of separation of three branches of power. The third point that clarifies political views and intentions of Hamilton are illustrated in his debates with Thomas Jefferson. In these debates Hamilton emphasized necessity of creation of the American National Bank that is authorized to provide necessary regulations of the American property. Jefferson claimed that are not delegated to the US regarding provisions of the Constitution and lead to usurpation of power at all. Moreover, Hamilton compared National Bank with the American government authorized to act for the welfare of the American individuals and institutions in national and local levels.

To conclude, political views of Alexander Hamilton illustrated in Federalist 78 are have reliance on integral role of government that acts for prosperity of the entire state. To concrete, the idea of democratic government is minimal influence of the state. By contrast, in conditions when there were separated states it was necessary to create the centralized body that would provide rules and regulations in national level as well as local. The influence of Hamilton and his ideas was illustrated not only in Federalist 78 but also in the US Constitution and the state with the balance between three branches of power with the system of checks and balances. Hamilton did not contravene the American Revolution. He moved further making prerequisites for establishing of the United States from separated.

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