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REASONS FOR PURSUING A DEGREE IN COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGYName of StudentInstitution affiliationReasons for Pursuing a Degree in College of TechnologyIntroduction College of Technology provides career pathways by enabling students to earn competitive degrees in Engineering and Technology fields (Education, 2015). The college offers students a conducive environment to learn their respective disciplines and thus to nurture them into quality professionals. My decision to enroll in this reputable institution was reached at after doing a conclusive research and comparison with other colleges offering the same degree program. In the end, I chose College of Technology for the following reasons:Better Academic Programs The College of Technology has better academic programs when compared to other institutions. The academic programs offered are more focused on being practical rather being theoretical. The college works together with business organizations and employers, in general, to refine academic programs to suit the job market’s needs (Education, 2015). This has the advantage of preparing the students for what to expect in the industries and the job market as a whole. The graduates of College of Technology have always been successful in their jobs. With this in mind, I applied to pursue college education here as I intend to be a success in my career. Low Tuition Fees At College of Technology, the tuition fees charge is way low when compared to other colleges (Education, 2015). The college has strived to make their costs reasonable for the average families. Paying for the college education is no longer strenuous as it is in many other colleges. The cost of getting the cost of acquiring books and supplies is very affordable. Coming from an average earning family, College of Technology was my best option when I considered tuition fees. Financial Aid Apart from affordable tuition fees, College of Technology offers the best financial aid programs around to aid qualified students meet educational expenses (Education, 2015). The institution has staff which is dedicated to facilitating this program to ensure that no student misses out on college education due to lack of finances. Scholarships are offered to students with special backgrounds and who perform well in their class work and extra-curricular activities (Education, 2015). Thus, if I work hard in my studies, I might get a scholarship. Also, the institution offers grants to eligible students. The grant might be from the government, state, or from the college itself. The work-study programs are part of the financial aid package offered. The programs give students a chance to work in one of the College of Technology campuses or with an off-campus employer who is approved by the college to earn money for paying the tuition costs and general upkeep (Education, 2015). The jobs offered are normally flexible thus making it easier to attend your classes and maintain your personal schedule. Still, a student may be given a student loan which are supposed to be repaid in full after one is through with studies. The loans have low interest rates, which makes it easier to settle them (Education, 2015). Workforce Connections The College of Technology works …
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