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EgalitarianismStudent’s NameCollege/University NameEgalitarianismEgalitarianism is a political philosophy that supports the equality of people in all of the aspect of the life: social, economic, and political. Even though the ideas of equality were first developed in the Ancient Greece, the concept of egalitarianism in its current understanding appeared at the end of the 18th century being widely used by utopic writers, and such ideologists of French revolution as Rousseau. Rousseau believed that the ideas of equality coincide with the social contract. The doctrines of Egalitarianism are based on the ideas that all the human beings are equal in their social status and fundamental worth (Arneson, 2002).Egalitarianism supports the positive rights of people stating that equality reflects the natural states of humanity. The very law of nature envisages the existence of the positive rights as in the state of nature every individual stay on the equal footing. Taking into account the aforementioned, egalitarian philosophy maintains the belief that all the state should guarantee equal social rights for everybody. It involves the establishment of social justice which would provide citizens with equal access to healthcare, education, and social security. Fair distribution of wealth will prevent the inequality of income as a part of social inequality. Egalitarianism can be beneficial if applied to the fight against any type of discrimination. Social distinctions should not exist in egalitarian society as it places people from the very beginning on a different footing from other persons, contradicting main egalitarian doctrines (Phelps Brown, 1988).Egalitarianism has both the positive aspects and the drawbacks. It can make the sufficient contribution in providing everyone with social security and access to the necessary services, however, to be fully implemented in a state it requires imposing high taxes which is likely to cause the kind of social injustice. Turning to the ideas of Darwinism, It is also worth questioning whether it really the state of nature as the strongest and weakest members of society have never been equal in their opportunities. Nevertheless, despite its drawbacks, I consider egalitarianism to be a modern philosophy based on contemporary ideas and beliefs. It demonstrates humanistic approach valuing the life and well-being of every individual.ReferencesArneson, R. (2002). Egalitarianism, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Web.Phelps Brown, H. (1988). Egalitarianism and the Generation of Inequality. OUP …
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