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Courts and the American Society

The judicial system is one of the paramount pillars on shoulders of which democracy stands, particularly in the United States. People turn to courts in order to resolve their personal or professional disputes in strict accordance with the rule of law which prevails in a given country.

The kinds of disputes which can be potentially considered are divided into civil, criminal and administrative cases. In general, courts shape the society’s proneness to legal and rightful behavior, imposing punishments and restrictions when citizens are acting illegally.

The highest federal judicial institution in the United States is the Supreme Court, established in 1789 and having a substantial influence on the moods and conventions of the society as a whole. For instance, one of the public policy pillars is formed by the legislation which states that an individual cannot legally sell his or her body, including for the purposes of organ trade and intercourse.

This way dignity of a human is protected by the legislative power of the country. Wage-and-hours laws adoption is another instance of legally defined public policy, this time in the sphere of employment law. It is done so that citizens would only face a sustainable amount of pressure at their jobs, irrespective of what long-term economic gains higher working hours may potentially bring.

Most recent example of how Supreme Court tangibly influences society is the approval of same-sex marriage ruling. Now, since June 2015, this option is solidified as a Constitutional right of the US citizens, and will most likely have a significant effect on the future trends in the public opinion on the matter. American states cannot ignore this decision later on, as nullification (option for separate states to not ratify Supreme Court decision) is not currently legal in the …

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