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Child Abuse

According to estimates by the Children’s Defense Fund (2011), over 75,000 of American children are abused and neglected each year. Precisely, a child is abused every forty seconds, and 40% of these victims do not receive any form of help, even after such incidents have been reported (McLeod &Nelson, 2013, p.11). Although the US government has attained remarkable milestones in prevention of child abuse through the implementation of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), these efforts have been hindered by limited resources, since only restricted funding is available to finance such programs. Consequently, corporations in the private sector, as well as global governance organizations are playing an active role in addressing child abuse problems. This paper examines the effectiveness of child abuse prevention programs initiated by both the private sector and global governance organizations.

How Corporations in the Private Sector are Working on Child Abuse Problems

The private sector incorporates companies that are not owned by the state and do not operate in the public sector. Corporations in the private sector include enterprises such as hotels, banks, media, manufacturing firms, the Internet providers, mobile phone companies and many more. As part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR), private corporations play a central role in preventing child exploitation and abuse (Ecpat International, 2009, p.6). In this respect, while reported statistics on child abuse are sobering, some corporations play a central role in averting the fundamental violation of children’s rights. Some of these interventions are through funding child welfare promotion programs, creating public awareness of the need for child wellness promotion programs, and lobbying for public policies that cater for children’s wellness.

Two outstanding examples of how corporations in the private sector are working to avert abuse problems in Arizona are the Prevent Child Abuse America and Childhelp. Prevent Child Abuse America is a national agency that champions for great childhoods for all children. With outlets in all American states, including Arizona, the organization works to safeguard the healthy development of children and curb child abuse incidents before they occur so as to nurture children to grow well and contribute positively to the growth of their communities. In effect, Childhelp assists victims of child abuse and offers programs designed to aid in the prevention of child maltreatment.

How Global Governance Organizations are Working on Child Abuse Problems

Global governance organizations refer to agencies, institutions, and organizations that manage global affairs. These incorporate a wide range of actors including states, regional and international agencies. Examples of global governance organizations include the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). As part of their mandate in preventing child abuse, these organizations have undertaken numerous roles in fighting for the realization of children's rights, for instance through funding of child wellness initiatives, lobbying for policy formulation to safeguard children and conducting public awareness forums to fight children maltreatment (Diop, 2013, p.6).

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