Choosing Between the Current Company and the New Competing Company essay sample

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Problem Definition

The major problem in this context is choosing between the current company and the new competing company. Besides, the reason for seeking further studies is to receive a promotion in my current company. So the dilemma arises between choosing the new company because it offers increased salaries and allowances. However, they don't offer the tuition reimbursement. In the current company, my salary would be intact but I will be refunded the tuition fees. After my studies, I want to work in an organization that where my I can fully deliver my skills and receive a better remuneration for my qualifications. The company should have a better working environment. So in this case, I can only remain in a current company if I am assured of the promotion and, on the other hand, move to the new company if I will attain the same position with more benefits to cater for my eleven-year experience in the current company.

Problem Analysis

The current company where I work in provides tuition compensation and offer favorable allowances through the allowances offered by the new company are much higher. I have been in the company for the past eleven years meaning I understand its tradition better and also have very tight relations with the fellow colleagues. The company provides a favourable working environment, and the managers are friendly. The current company performs better than the new company, and it has greater goodwill in the whole industry. Besides, with the eleven years of experience, I understand my duties better, and the purpose for the additional education was to get a promotion to enlarge my performance abilities. According to the company's structure, all employees who attend further studies are supposed to be promoted through the promotion must also consider the past performance of an employee. Alternatively, the repayment of the tuition fee is an encouragement for the employees to expand their knowledge so as to improve their performance in the organization. This implies, the current company is supportive and understands the needs of its employees.

On the other hand, the new company offers huge allowances; increased salaries that will meet and appreciate my knowledge expansion. Besides, the presence of my former supervisor creates a favorable environment since we both understand one another so working together will not be a big problem. The new company performance is also good, and it has quality employees same to the current one. The company controls better part of the market and is the major competitor to my current firm. Apart from the allowances, the company provides relocation expenses, and I will also be promoted to the post of a supervisor. Alternatively, there is an assurance from my supervisor that I will get the post when I need it. Keeping in mind, the main reason for further studies is to secure promotion and receive more allowances than what I receive currently.

Generation of Possible Solutions

Quit the current company and join the new one on the basis of the assurance of receiving …

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