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Choosing the Major

ENTP is one of sixteen personality types, developed by Myers Briggs in accordance with the Carl Jung's "Psychological Types". ENTP means extroversion, intuition, thinking, perception and is one of the four temperaments of the Rationals. The name of the abbreviation itself highlights the particular traits of people who belong to this group.The way my personality type might affect the type of job I apply for.

Due to my personality type, it is important to me to be engaged in productive and helpful projects. Though is still cannot find what is the sphere where I can realize and develop myself, it appears to be obvious that the perfect career for me is one which picks my interest, allowing to realize my skills and personal qualities. It is very difficult for me to bear structure, routine and formal rules, as it feels as if they limit my intellectual engagement. Instead, while choosing the job I’d like to apply, I would rather choose such spheres where knowledge, rational thought and insight are valued above all. Moreover, I would like to work on my own terms.

Thus, the perfect job for me is something like a software engineer or freelance consultant. Private practice is also very attractive, so being private lawyer, psychologist, systems analyst or scientists also seems to be great. I feel that I may be also good at as that is such sphere where I can get the freedom of applying different approaches while working and developing the innovative ways to tackle new challenges without the necessity to handle the step-by-step implementation and reasoning of my plans, so I may be a good manager.The way I work in teams Great understanding and supporting team is one of my first requirements while working in big projects, as far as it is very difficult for me to implement the plan into the life, though I am very good in generating ideas. So the biggest challenge for me is to get the fate of the "lower" and subordinate, as I immediately start criticizing and giving comments on the improvement of working process. Nevertheless, I may be very useful member for any team due to my ability to hold firm ground in rational debates, advocating the interests of the team as my own. It is much better for me to be in a leading position in team, and I can be one due to my excellent communicative skills. I don’t like to manage others, that is why I prefer to work in a team of equal, each member of which would provide me with support to assemble the pieces of my ideas and projects. Still, every time I work in a team I remind myself that it is necessary to focus less on "winning", and continue building consensus, as I remember that some ENTPs didn’t become successful just because they didn’t have the necessary support. The impact my results might have on my choice of academic …

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